Is PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification Worth It?

Agile Foundation Certificate allows teams to execute projects on time

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certificate allows professionals to deliver agile projects and this is done by using the PRINCE2 management controls. Such controls work upon agile delivery techniques that to are of a broad tool set along with its framework.

Al this results in enabling companies to manage the flexibility of projects to make sure that there are high profits. Therefore, PRINCE2® Certification will help you gain vast knowledge related to the techniques and concepts of agile projects.

Prince2 Agile Logo
Prince2 Agile Logo

So, yes this certification is definitely worth it, especially for those who aspire to enhance their understanding of agile projects in order to deliver them excellently. We know that with an increase in the number of companies, there has seen a rise in the number of projects produced by that company.

So, approaching and managing a project is one of the reasons behind the success of a business. And yes, in such situations, having qualified project managers proliferate a project within a company.

Scenario in Companies

Well, you might know that previously companies used to offer a job to a project manager depending on his experience. They might not want any kind of certification for this role. But now, with time, most of the companies are changing their process of selecting a project manager.

The roles and responsibilities of a project manager in the corporate world have evolved over a decade. And one needs to acquire certain skills and techniques to be in such a high position in a company.

This is due to the reason that a project itself consists of many risks and constraints. So, delivering them in accordance with the requirements of a customer is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Hence, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification is there to make you fit in this corporate world perfectly. A certified professional for project management is the need of the hour in many companies. All this has promoted the importance of these certifications in the industry today.

PRINCE2® Certification: To Learn and Grow

  • In addition to this, some examples of agile process frameworks include Scrum, Cynefin, and Kanban.
  • Also, PRINCE2 is a practitioner certification program that lets a person know about the structured project management method.
  • This is because with PRINCE2 you are able to divide projects into such stages that you can control and manage these projects intelligently.
  • The concept of agile working empowers the employees within an organization to produce projects that have maximum flexibility along with minimum constraints.
  • This way being a project manager, you are able to optimize your skill and talent by ultimately showcasing them by doing the best work.
  • You will be given a great platform to explore PRINCE2 and agile ways of working altogether.

Commencement of Axelos’sPRINCE2 Agile Foundation

The reason behind Axelos’s aim to develop a better framework for governance and management of projects is to compete with a system that was already there, called PMI. Therefore, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification came into existence to train an individual about the confines of agile projects.

Moreover, it also teaches the management, delivery, and successful execution of projects on time. Today, both AXELOS’ PRINCE2 and PMI’s PMBOK are complementing each other by defining precise methods to deliver projects.

More About The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification

  • This certification is important for anyone who wishes to deliver projects in an agile framework, no matter, small or large.
  • Whether you are in a project team, project support, or project manager, this certification will prove beneficial to you primarily in an agile project environment.
  • The exam for this certification includes objective testing.
  • You will be 1 hour to complete a multiple-choice paper consisting of 50 questions.
  • Moreover, the passing score for this examination is 55%.
Countries with established or quickly developing project management industries.
Countries with established or quickly developing project management industries.

Build a successful career as a project manager with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification. Take a look!

Countries Demanding PRINCE2 Certification

The demand for this certification is rapidly growing in countries like the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, and some other countries in East and Western Europe.

The UK Government developed this, and it has been reported that the UK still contains more PRINCE2 certificate holders as compared to any other country. Now, India and China both have adopted the innovative concepts of this agile foundation for offering the best projects.

Learning Management

Learning management skills to run a business profitably is not an easy task. And being a certified project manager will make you present your competence most efficiently. To be honest, it is easier for a person to find a great job anywhere in the world by having the certification. It offers several opportunities to project management professionals to achieve their dream jobs.

Earn Huge Bucks

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification is perfect to establish your profession as an excellent project manager. It not only increases your technical skills by also gives a boost to your income.

There is definitely a great scope to progress as a certified project manager in a company. The scope of getting employed in a big and reputed organization, along with skyrocketing earnings annually, is high.

Make You Flexible

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification makes a professional flexible with dynamic projects. This is a great thing in an industry where there are millions of projects floating around. So, this certification trains an individual to handle a large number of projects with ease.

Hence, a project manager is capable of delivering large quantities of projects too effectively by adopting the principles of the agile framework. You grow as a more flexible and versatile project manager in any organization.

Increase in Demand

One of the advantages of the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification is that it allows you to work in the corporate world after qualifying for the exam. This is because, with the increase in its demand in the market, many companies are offering jobs as certified professionals.

As discussed above, the principles of PRINCE2 along with the agile process framework, make a powerful combination. So, if you have this certification, then be ready to start your career with a bang.

Boost Your Career With This Certification

Initiate your PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certification training as early as possible. You can find many online websites serving this purpose. Get trained and qualify for this examination with flying colors. Locate your desired country on the map as you are about to reach them with this certification.

We hope that you are not any more skeptical about doing the PRINCE2 Foundation certification or not. If you really desire to become a talented project manager in the future, then the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is all you need.

To add value to your career, one should definitely go for this certification. It’s worth it!

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