Top iPad Apps for Managing Your Money Better

Devices by Apple like the iPhone and the iPad have been runaway bestsellers in their product categories for years now and the populations of these devices now number in many millions. As a result, the app store for these devices is also filled with lots of goodies, including apps for money management.

While all apps designed for the iPhone will work okay on the larger iPads, the resolution could be little vague as they are often not optimized for the large screen of the iPad. Here are a pick of the top personal finance apps designed specifically for the iPad.

Money for iPad

One of the most popular iPad apps for managing personal finance, it allows you to use the calendar to manage all your bills that require payment. You will get reminders about upcoming dates by which the bills need to be paid. It also tracks all your accounts to provide you the details of balances in your bank accounts so that you know that there is sufficient balance before you hit the pay button. The lovely interface design makes it a pleasure to use.

Bills for iPad

A nifty app that allows planning and tracking of personal expenses incurred throughout the month. You can plan the amount that you would like to allocate for spending and compare it with the amount that you have spent on a continuous basis. Using this app you no longer have to look for standalone budgeting programs, calculators, and reminders, etc. Daily planning of expenses can be done easily as the app tracks the bill payments and the amount already spent versus the planned amount. When you exceed your budget, the app warns you of the transgression. The user-friendly interface makes using the app intuitive and simple.

Cash Flow HD

This app permits you to categorize all your monthly expenses under different heads, such as food, car fuel and maintenance, office tours, entertainment, etc. and all your transactions will be classified against the appropriate head providing you a report summary and details of your spending pattern. You get support for multiple currencies as well as the list of transactions classified under each category. The interface is a delight to use.

iPad apps for managing finance
iPad apps for managing finance


A simple to use iPad app that monitors all your bank accounts to report the amount of funds in each and also allows a summation of all the accounts so that you know exactly how much you have for allocation of spends. The financial data can be entered by you manually or you can automate it by importing your bank’s OFX file. The app lets you add details to the entries and there are a host of options for customizing it to your requirements. Security is enhanced with the provision of a PIN. Check the debt settlement reviews by clicking here.

iCompta 2 Personal Finance

This app lets you manage multiple personal accounts by arranging them in specified groups. You get multiple currency support and a budget tool that tracks your earnings, expenses and savings and lets you depict them in some great looking charts for easy reference. It can accept OFX date from your bank, while export facility is provided in a number of data formats like CSV, OFX, and QIF. The app lets you synchronize your data with other Apple devices such as iPhone, and Mac and provides enhanced security through password encryption.

Easy Books

Like other apps listed earlier, this app too is good at managing multiple bank accounts and keeping track of your earnings, expenses, and savings. You can also add the statements issued by your debit or credit card issuer. Apart from personal money management, the app can also handle business requirements such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, profitability, as well as track sundry debtors and creditors. You can generate invoices for customers and also delivery schedules and charts in PDF file format that is easy to transfer and print. Security is through password protection.

Author bio: Jenifer Mosley is a personal finance consultant who also dabbles in reviewing personal finance tools and software for a leading online review site. Check the debt settlement reviews by clicking here.

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  1. This is what I am looking for from last couple of days. I have searched a lot on my ipad regarding apps for managing finance concepts. But app store was not able to
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