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How to Prepare for ASVAB Test

The ASVAB examination is used for electing potential military recruits. The exam is administered to help the management determine the specific area of military service suited for a candidate.

It is important to note that the ASVAB is not designed to test the candidates’ intelligence, and it is only offered in the English language.

The test comprises nine different subjects covering General Science, Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Auto & Shop Information, Paragraph Comprehension, Electronics Information, Assembling Objects, and Mechanical Comprehension.

There are four important aspects of the test, and they are Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, Mathematics Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning. These four sections make up the AFQT score. By the way, AFQT means the Armed Forces Qualifications Test.

The scores range from zero to a hundred. It is crucial to note that your scores determine your eligibility to be enlisted in the military, as well as the kind of programs and jobs you will be qualified for when you are admitted.

The ASVAB test is a paper and pen exam and is offered at a Mobile Examination Test location. The exam usually takes about three to four hours to complete, and it is adaptive. In other words, if a test taker gives a correct answer to a question, the next question will be more difficult than the previous one.

If a candidate answers wrongly, he will be given a less difficult question. This pattern is followed throughout the exam period.

How to Prepare for ASVAB Test

One of the first steps in your ASVAB test prep process is to obtain an excellent study guide. It is a fact that the right study guide can make a world of difference in your preparation and, ultimately, in your result. Numerous resource materials are available to you to choose from in getting prepared for your ASVAB test.

You must review the study materials before purchasing them because some of them are not relevant to your success during the examination. To help you in your exam prep, we have collated some of the great resources that will help you optimize your study time and the impact on the outcome of your test positively.

ASVAB Boot Camp

The ASVAB Boot Camp offers you the best ASVAB courses online that will make your test prep worth your while. When you enroll for the boot camp, you can access online classes, study sheets for mathematics knowledge, practice tests, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and arithmetic reasoning.

It is generally a known fact that the ASVAB boot camp is the most effective and easiest way of preparing for the test.

PrepAway ASVAB Premier with Practice Tests

This study guide is one of the most comprehensive resource materials you can have during your test prep period. The newest version comes with course content, videos, online, and mobile resources to help you in your preparation.

It comes with six different practice tests with over 1000 Free ASVAB Practice Test, Study Guide, Sample Questions, Online Training Course questions. The book contains three of the available practice tests, and the online platform offers the remaining three. Using this resource also provides you with a quiz bank online that you can access anytime.

ASVAB for Dummies

This is another effective study resource for the ASVAB test prep. The book is packed with different resource materials that will help you make the best of your exam preparation. The resource contains in-depth reviews of contents for the different nine sections of the ASVAB test, and it also comes with practice test questions with detailed explanations.

The candidates who have this resource material can also access the online companion website that offers six full practice exams and hundreds of different flashcards.

McGraw, Hill’s 3rd Edition ASVAB

This is another effective resource material for the test prep for ASVAB. The writer of this resource guide is an expert in the field, and she has worked in the career program of ASVAB in the Department of Defence.

The author is vast in the field, and she definitely has scoops on the test prep for students. The book detailed a comprehensive review of topics, test-taking strategies, and four different full practice tests.

ASVAB Basics

This resource material is designed to help you increase your Armed Forces Qualification Test Score. This is the score that largely determines your overall qualifications to be recruited into the military arm of your choice.

The ASVAB basics, resource book, detailed the four mathematics and English subtests of the exam. It focuses on the core areas of importance of the ASVAB test.


The ASVAB Power resource material covers the eight different subtests of the test. The book contains study tips that you can use to improve your scores in the exam, answer keys, and sample tests.

ASVAB Success

This is a study guide that is designed to improve your overall AFQT score. It is important to note that the AFQT score is not just to boost your military job qualification but also to determine if you are qualified to be recruited into your military branch choice.

The ASVAB Success focuses on four distinct areas of the exam: the English and Mathematics subtests. The book detailed excellent information on how to solve math and word problems. It also comes with free access to ASVAB’s online practice test with on-spot AFQT test score calculation.


Your success at the ASVAB test is highly dependent on your preparation. The good news is that there is a wealth of material resources that you can take advantage of. If you really want to grow a career in the military, you need to adequately prepare for the test to earn good scores at the end of the day.

With the list of resource materials that have been detailed above, you can be sure that you have enough books and guides to work with for your ASVAB exam prep. Study well and get ready for a successful result in your test.

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