UI Design Principles That Must Be Followed By Mobile App Developers

The mobile app market has become over populated and the apps have to face fierce competition from the rivals. An app has a few seconds to impress the users as they have many alternatives to choose from. To ensure that these few seconds are utilized in the best possible manner, the mobile app’s UI design must be given due importance. The first impression that the app casts on the user should be impressive enough to woo them.

There are some limitations that you have to face while designing the interface for an app.. For a user to be glued to a mobile app, it must be visually appealing, fast, smooth and highly usable. Design and development of an app are two aspects of the app and must go in sync with each other. Just as the design of an aircraft affects its flight and efficiency, the design of the app has tremendous impact on its performance.

UI Design Principles to adhere to while Designing an app

There are certain principles that you must stick to if you wish your app to stand out from the crowd. These design exercises target the users and present the business in a very solution-oriented manner.

  • Target the primary user
    The design of the app must be crafted according to the intended users. The user interface design must be able to solve the problem without making things very complex. The users want the product displayed in high resolutions and a faster checkout process. The app design must incorporate these features for the users.
  • UI flows should be optimized
    Mobile App UI Flows
    Mobile App UI Flows

    UI flow is a very important aspect of the app design and must be taken care of. The flow from one screen of the app to another should be fast and smooth without any lag. Such provisions not only make the navigation smooth but also affect the performance of the app.

  • User Interface should be a manifestation of the brand
    The primary aim of creating a mobile app is to expand the reach of the brand and its horizon. To achieve its purpose, the app must be well designed and free of any design flaws. The story of the brand must be manifested through the user interface design.
  • UI and performance should go hand in hand
    The performance of an app is measured in terms of loading time, navigation, content display, etc. All these aspects must be taken into consideration while designing the user interface of the app. A balance has to be struck between performance of the application and the user interface for ensuring the best app performance.
  • Leave the UI designing on the experts
    To develop an app that has the right mix of aesthetics and feature, expert designers need to be hired. The kind of user experience that excites the users and compel them to use the app requires app designers with thorough understanding of the front-end programming. There are many design elements that have performance implication and hence, must be used with care.
  • Platform specific designing
    Platform specific designing
    Platform specific designing – iOS or Android or Windows

    A user prefers a certain mobile operating systems due to its features and appearance. The app design should also be created keeping in mind the preferences of the users. An app must be designed specifically for the mobile platform. If the app is being developed for multiple platforms, there should be a separate design for each one of them.

  • Full potential of the mobile device should be utilized
    The smartphones that are used today have incredible computing power and high quality display. The mobile apps must be designed in a way to utilize the maximum of these features. High resolution images should be used for instance, so that the app has a distinct visual appeal.
  • Keep the design free of clutter
    The app design should be minimalist, i.e. only those options and functions should be present on the screen that enhance the UX and nothing else. Unwanted and unnecessary clutter distract the users and can spell disaster for the app.

Closing Thoughts

User Interface of an app is something that meets the eyes of the users and creates the first impression. It is quite obvious that it must be designed in a systematic and structured manner. The design principles discussed in the blog will help you create app designs that are trendy, fast, smooth and high on usability.

Published by Ashni Sharma

The author of the blog is Ashni Sharma working as an Application developer at AppsChopper, a reputed application development company based in Noida. With a penchant for writing about technical innovations and current trends, she comes up with highly engrossing blogs which are informative and interesting to read.

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