Unleashing the Key Aspects of WordPress Website Typography

Typography in Wordpress powered website

Many novice WordPress designers emphasize how to make their websites look visually appealing and highly functional. However, when it comes to typography, most of them think it to be nothing more than finding the plugins to gain access to a bunch of good fonts.

But, typography isn’t just about putting up some cool fonts on the site and can make a huge impact on how visitors will respond to your site.

In case you’re running a WP-powered site and think that merely using this platform can help you achieve success in the web world, then that’s a wrong notion. No doubt, WordPress is a brilliant CMS that can be used for website creation and maintenance. However, even your well-designed site can ultimately fail due to bad typography.

In this post, we will talk about the importance of typography, its problems, and tips to improve the typography of the website.

Significance of Typography

According to studies, good typography helps make it easy for readers to understand the text easily, and also to avoid fatigue. Typography helps in creating a fine balance between both the visual as well as vocal elements of a design. In a nutshell, it helps users understand the difference between what the type looks like and what it actually says.

The Problem That Persists

Today a lot of content-heavy sites are being developed. And so, managing the look and feel of the text (or type) in such sites becomes quite challenging for the designers. One possible reason behind this could be the availability of specific typographic controls in web browsers and technologies.

Moreover, WordPress lacks the essential controls that can help improve the look and feel of the type, which can be accomplished with applications such as Adobe Illustrator and others.

WordPress designers can add colors to the text, and add fonts (that aren’t a part of the website theme), but it’s going to take time when we can find and start making use of the typography elements, present in our WordPress dashboards.

Tips on Improving Typography in Your WordPress Website Design

As discussed previously, it will take time for WordPress designers to turn into professional typographers (that is become able to put text onto a WP page or post, for setting up type).

However, considering a few tips might prove helpful in improving the typography of your web design:

1. Simplicity is the Key

This is the most obvious one. Stuffing your design with too many typefaces would only make it look cluttered and difficult to read for the target audience. So, you should abide by the standard rule of using only two typefaces: one for the page headings and the second one for the body text.

Usually, Sans Serif is used for the headings, and the typeface “Serif font” is used for the body text (or main text). Make sure to stick to using two typefaces only until you’re an expert typographer.

2. Use the Right Color and Contrast

Writing text with bright colors often puts a strain on the reader’s eyes and can even cause fatigue. Besides this, using dull colors makes the text look bland and difficult to read. And so, make sure to use the right color scheme for writing the text.

3. Use the Right Resources

There are a lot of resources available online that will surely make your WordPress sites look visually pleasing, without putting in too much effort. Here’s a list of incredibly useful resources that you can consider enhancing your WP site design:

Kerning.js: If you’re a web designer and feel a lack of control over typography, then you can use Kerning.js, which is just like adding a simple script to your web page as follows:

<script src=”kerning.js”></script>

Kerning.js comes loaded with several features, including size adjustment, transformations, colors, etc. What’s more? You can even apply Kerning.js styles to your page dynamically when a new element is embedded into your page. This can be accomplished with the help of the following line of code:

<script>$(function() { Kerning.live(); });</script>

WP Code Highlight: This plugin provides clean syntax highlighting of code snippets. Besides, it comes with a code button, making it easy for users to insert code into their articles without a fuss.

Simple Drop Cap: Simple Drop Cap is an incredible plugin that allows users to automatically turn the first letter of an article (or post) into a “drop cap” or “initial letter”. Additionally, it wraps the paragraph type around the larger text.

Let’s Wrap Up!

If you’re a WordPress designer and seeking to have control over your website typography, then chances are that you’ll begin looking out for the best WordPress plugins to get the job done. However, there is a lot more you need to focus on for improving your design typography rather than just using the right WP plugins.

Reading this post will help you understand the significance of typography, the problems that WordPress designers can face while enhancing typography, and some great tips on coming up with a web designer with good typography.

Article by Edward Jones – who is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd. a WordPress development company. He loves sharing information regarding WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for WordPress Programmers, then just get in touch with him.

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