Use Of Family Locator Apps Is The Most Trending Thing Now!

The use of family locator apps is on the boom. According to the report of Berg Insight, a research firm based in Sweden, the number of active users of “family locator services” (smartphones with GPS and personal location devices) in North America and Europe is expected to reach 70 million in 2016, up from 16 million in 2011.

Do you know the reason behind? It is the family’s love and concern for each other that make go techy to stay connected with each other even on the go! There are a number of apps being used worldwide, but the one most in demand is FamilyTime.

FamilyTime – the Family Locator Apps:

FamilyTime is an advanced app that lets parents locator their kids anytime, anywhere. There are a lot of ways in which the app helps parents keep track of the kids’ whereabouts round the clock. They can check where they have been all day long, trace their smartphones in case of phone theft, geo-fence their whereabouts and get location-based alerts as well. It’s going to be a supportive tool, not for the parents all alone but for the kids as well. They can inform you about their location anytime and send you alerts if they need your help. There is one app which could justify these benefits and its FamilyTime locator app.

Family Locator App
Family Locator App

It’s a pretty easy to use the app and has some great features that can let you locate your teens and even their stolen phones. What’s even better is that you can even lock the stolen phone to secure the sensitive data saved on that phone. Have a look at some of the features:

  • Geo-fence certain places and get auto check-ins and check-outs
  • Track location history anytime for the past few months and see the places they visit most
  • Trace current location on the virtual map

Parents can download FamilyTime on their Android or iPhones to monitor their child’s iOS, Fire OS and Android phones and tablets.

Your teens can also communicate with you using this app. They can:

  • Send SOS alerts in the case of danger or emergency
  • Send you PickMeUp alerts

Stay Connected, Stay Happy!

Staying connected with the kids brings relief for the parents. You can always stay posted about your family’s location and bring this peace to your mind using the advanced family locator apps such as FamilyTime. Stay connected, stay happy and enjoy parenting!

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  2. Thanks for the information. Yes, there should be parental controls and supervision on all devices for kids, for their own protection and safe usage of the phone. I have it already on my kid’s mobile phones. My son spent so much on his phone playing games and it was hard to make him do some homework or do some work about the house. We were fighting so much. It made me really sad and then I installed Kidslox. My kids were not satisfied, but I explained to them that it was done to protect them. Now they use it according to set schedules and time. Kidslox is so helpful for my family.

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