Why You Should Use Whiteboard Animation for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Use Whiteboard Animation as your next Marketing strategy

If you’re trying to get the attention of your target market, then perhaps it’s time to utilize a different avenue. One way to make your material much more interesting is with whiteboard animation that combines real-time illustrations with crisp audio.

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Animation Catches Your Eye

It really is quite easy to articulate your message through animation. You’ll get to see all of your talking points drawn out for enhanced consumer appeal.

You also get to review visual storyboards before deciding on the final product. Everything is designed to sync together. And, people love to look at images and watch videos.

Plus, animation can better explain complex ideas and subjects to your audience. Moreover, it is innovative.

Improve Message Retention

Animation can help to illustrate the information that exists only in your brain. With marketing, messages should be concise and powerful.

It’s hard to do that with text in a two-or- three-minute time span. Although, it can be done with animation.

To illustrate, if you were marketing a stay at a hotel, you might have an animation with an individual looking happy while lounging in the pool.

On the other hand, you could write, “This person is content sitting in the relaxing pool.” Which message do you think will garner the most attention? More than likely it will be the animated version.

As a result, you can cut through the barrage of media content people receive daily. Not to mention, visual aids enhance long-term memory retention.

This is probably because it takes brainless effort to process the image. The simplicity of it attracts more attention.

Make it Count on Social Media

When it comes to this platform, images get shared more than text. In fact, text with images gets shared even more. People want to share intriguing images.

You can do so with animations. The reason is that it is both whimsical and interesting. Then, people will also note your marketing for its creativity.

Animations are just naturally viral because they don’t discriminate between age or gender. Soon, you may notice an increase in targeted traffic to your website.

Make it Fun

Let’s face it, animations make every subject much more fun. Even serious topics can get a dose of the fantastical if drawn vividly and with enticing colors.

There is something about animation that just draws your eye because you want to know if this is similar to the animations of your youth or something else.

And, since many of us watched cartoons growing up, animations usually evoke good memories. This is important to tie into marketing – you want your audience to feel good about your message.

Set Up a StoryLine

When it comes down to it, the heart of marketing is telling a persuasive story. Just like a movie, animations can tell that story with dialogue, text, or no words at all. People can relate to facial expressions and scenery alone.

Images evoke a feeling in us all. Animations give you the opportunity to fully express a story that would be distinctly different from any other medium.

In Conclusion

If your marketing campaign isn’t producing the results you want, maybe it’s time to shake things up with animation. You may end up surprised with all the steady traffic you’ll start receiving.

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