Nomos Watches Review: Watches with a Personality

Nomos Glashuette Watches

Nomos watch is the German answer to the classy and sophisticated Swiss watches. This watch came into being in 1990; its rise coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The watch is truly a revolution and representation of how classy the vision of its founder Roland Schwertner was.

These German watches have a fan base of their own and have a special standing in the category of luxury watches.

Nomos is known to have launched its first automatically winding watch in 2005. Thus, with the availability of both the manually and automatically winding varieties, the Nomos watches offer a lot of freedom to buyers to choose their best fit.

This is certainly the watch that is meant for people with stylish and suave taste in accessories. Its ability to deliver multi-utility functions makes it a watch and it’s all upcoming versions to look out for.

Nomos Watches with a Personality

Nomos watch has rolled out about a dozen of the lines since inception and all have something unique about them. Here is a brief overview of the most talked-about collections of the watch brand called Nomos.

1. Orion

Known by their complete name Nomos Glashutte Orion, these watches are irresistible timepieces with drool-worthy looks. The minimalistic design is its specialty and the USP lies in sticking to the original model shape.

Available in 33mm, 35mm, and 38mm, this unisex watch has something to offer to both men and women. The classy design and simple look of the dial make this watch easily recognizable from a distance. Users report unmatchable comfort as these watches fit the wrists as if they are not wearing anything additional.

2. Tetra

Nomos Glashutte Tetra is a unique variety not having a circular dial but the stylish square one. The cult of this watch is purely mind-blowing. It is available in 27.5mm and 29.5mm variants. White dials having dark blue hands are the most popular timepieces of the Tetra collection.

3. Tangente

Nomos Glashutte Tangente collection comprises in-house manually winding caliber. These watches are simple at their best. The dial can be blue, white, or grey. And the Arabic numerals offer an easy reading of time. The strap is of supreme quality and is made of exceptional quality suede or some watches have Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan leather straps too.

4. Metro

The Metro collection of Nomos Glashütte watches is exquisite in every aspect. Available in case sizes ranging from 35mm to 39mm; these watches fit wrists of various sizes with perfection.

5. Ludwig

Nomos Ludwig collection has only two watches ref. 201 and 205 have roman numerals to tell the time. This feature makes these Ludwig watches quite liked and appreciated by watch aficionados. A high-quality pin buckle and beautiful leather strap keep it stylish yet simple. This collection is the true representative of the Nomos legacy world is talking about.

To conclude, staying simple is actually difficult, and maintaining originality is far more trying. But, how to do it effortlessly, one can learn from Nomos watch manufacturers. Unfazed by the glamour around them, these watches continue to be the timepieces that the world drooled over in the past.

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