How to ensure data security when wiping off the hard drive

Ways to secure data while wiping hard drive

The current data-driven world significantly demands adequate security of a company’s confidential information. One needs to be very precise while wiping a hard drive of their systems that contain information about the business and client details.

Many people are unaware of the fact that formatting a hard disk doesn’t wipe the data permanently; rather it just hides the files, which can be recovered. There is numerous data recovery software available in the market that can recover all the deleted data in a couple of minutes.

Here we’ll discuss in detail the importance of secure hard drive wiping for your business.

Permanent Demolition of Confidential Data through Third-Party Software

Many IT giants usually have a pile of unused hard drives that contain the company’s data. Many of these unused hard drives are formatted by the officials, but they are unaware of the fact that formatting a hard disk doesn’t wipe the data.

There are chances that one can recover the deleted data from a hard drive. Formatting a hard drive always hides the data, which can be accessed by a special recovery tool. The sensitive information can be accessed when you hand your company’s hard drives to a third person for any reason.

One can consider the use of third-party data wiping tools that permanently deletes the data without leaving any chances of data recovery. There is numerous software available in the market, and you can choose a reliable paid version of the software for genuine results.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to:

  • Firstly, download reliable software (it is recommended that you purchase a premium one) from a trusted website.
  • Now, install the software on your system by checking the compatibility and the requirements of the software program.
  • Once the software is installed, connect your hard drive to the computer. You can back up any data before beginning the process.
  • Now run the software and choose the option that states complete formatting of the hard drive.
  • Once you select the formatting option, the system will begin to wipe all the data on the hard drive.
  • The entire procedure takes a couple of minutes; be patient.
  • Once the procedure is complete, disconnect the hard drive, and then again connect to check if the hard drive still contains any files.

Hire an Agency to Wipe your Company’s Data

Certain service providers offer the finest data-wiping services at reasonable pricing. One need not depend on conventional formatting techniques, which are useless.

The perfect way is to permanently destroy the data through professional hard drive data destruction services, which include professional data wiping through industry-standard tools that leave no chance of data restoration.

These professional service providers offer reliable services. You can also ask for certification for destroying your company’s data drives. Just explore the internet to find a reliable third-party agency offering professional data destruction services.


Secure wiping of your hard drives is necessarily important for avoiding a security breach. One should consider the ways mentioned above to ensure the proper safety of your confidential data.

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