Top Things To Look For In A Web HMI Solution

WebHMI Web-based Real Time Automation Software

In the manufacturing and business landscape of today, many companies and businesses are being challenged to do as much as they can with less, while also seeking to meet the demands of consumers and beat their competition.

The greater demand for improved efficiency and productivity has only fueled the increased demand for HMI (human-machine interface), which is basically a merging of software and hardware that will allow users to monitor and control their industrial automation equipment, to more clearly visualize the data that they receive.

HMI solutions have evolved greatly, and the capabilities and benefits that they now offer us are seemingly endless. The HMI’s of today can serve as a data logger, a machine controlling devices, a communications interface between devices, and a troubleshooting tool all at once.

But as more features have become available, knowing what to look for in web HMI solutions has become more challenging to look for as well. There are certain things you need to look for in order to find a good solution that will meet the needs of your business and of your customers, for both the present day and for the future.

Here are the top things to look for in a Web HMI solution:


The first thing to consider is the specific environment that your HMI is going to be operating in, whether it be indoors at normal room temperature or outside in excessively hot or cold temperatures. If your equipment is going to be used inside, it’s going to be a smart move to invest in a rugged HMI packaging that can withstand high or low temperatures and the natural elements.

Screen Size

HMI’s are currently offered in a wide variety of screen sizes, with the larger screens being more expensive but also showing more data and information. If you’re running a large-scale operation, larger screen size will definitely be more preferable for a better user interface.

Multiple Connections

The HMI package that you choose should be as expandable as it can possibly be, with multiple serial and Ethernet ports.


You’ll want to pay more attention to the display of your HMI as well. The best display will have a bright LED backlight and a high backlight life so it will last longer.

User Access Control

Finally, keep in mind that not every user is meant to have access to each detail on your HMI product. Therefore, you need to ensure that your HMI package comes with many user control options, along with excellent password protection abilities, in order to safeguard your HMI against unauthorized use.

What To Look For In A Web HMI Solution

As you can see, there are numerous factors that you need to consider when choosing a web HMI solution, but remember that your end goal is to get the maximum efficiency and productivity that you can get. HMI solutions, thanks to their endless capabilities, will be a completely necessary tool to allow you to reach your productivity goals.

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