What are the top children’s ukulele products on the market?

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Don’t be shocked to learn that the spending doesn’t stop just because you have bought your child their first ukulele, as unless you went for a complete package deal.

You need to snag a bunch of accessories to enhance their learning and playing experience. In short, these are strings, a tuner, picks, a stand, a strap, a songbook, and a hard case.

Everything mentioned here is essential (though anything that actually is a must will be clearly marked as such). Still, they are all useful and worth buying if your budget allows them. Below, we look at each of these items in more detail.

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Clip-on tuners

If you only plan to buy one thing, then this is it! Tuning ukes is a tricky business but a task that needs to be done regularly because the stretchy strings tend to slip a lot more than, say, a guitar’s strings.

The whole process is made much easier with a clip-on tuner, but check the displays big enough and easy to read. Expect to pay around $10-12 for one.

A hard case

This may seem unnecessary if the uke comes with its own carry bag, but a hard case is more practical (and safer) if you travel with the ukulele a lot and help to protect it when it is in your home.

Do make sure you buy the right size for your uke. You can expect to pay around $80 for a decent hard carry case. (A cheaper option at around $30 is the sturdy ‘gig style’ bag with shoulder straps. This is probably a better bet for a cheaper ukulele.)

A ukulele songbook

A splurge buys at around $25-35, but is good for children who like to sing or play tunes as some are dedicated to songs they are familiar with.

A stand

This is another non-essential, but it provides a safe place to store the uke, rather than have it on the floor to be damaged easily. Prices range from around $13-40.

Good quality strings

Many ukes come with cheaper strings, and switching them up for something better is a good way to avoid poor performance and sound. Aquila’s strings are under ten dollars a pack, and as always, make sure you buy the right size for your child’s uke.

Felt picks

Yes, you can strum your fingers, but picks add an extra element of interest as well as a different sound, and felt picks, available in plain and brightly colored options, are a fun add-on that only costs a few dollars.

A strap

Investing in a strap is an excellent idea, as they make it easier for a child to hold the uke in the right position and avoid issues from dropped instruments. There are various styles and patterns around, so choosing just one may be a little tricky.

Final Words

You should have a good idea of what you should get your child if they begin getting into laying music. The ukulele is a fantastic instrument and can form a great musical understanding base, so don’t be afraid to push them towards it.

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