What Business Travelers Should Know About Lost or Delayed Baggage

Business Traveler in Airport

No matter your reason for traveling, lost, or delayed baggage can be a trip killer, but for business travelers, it can be really detrimental. When you’re traveling for business, you need your work clothes for meetings and presentations, and you’re probably limited on time to try and replace those items.

If you’re just traveling for a day or two and you have to hop off the plane and go straight to a meeting, lost baggage can be tough to deal with.

So what should you know about delayed baggage as a business traveler?

Delayed Baggage Compensation

When your bag is lost or delayed, you are entitled to recoup what is called reasonable expenses or delayed baggage compensation during the time you didn’t have your luggage. A lot of people don’t necessarily realize this is an option, but you need to make sure you keep your receipt. If you’re a business traveler, your luggage may get delayed quite a bit, so this compensation can make a big difference.

There are also tools you can use that will automatically submit a claim on your behalf for delayed baggage compensation.

In the U.S. the maximum amount of compensation outlined by the Department of Transportation is $3,300, but that amount varies if you’re traveling overseas.

In some cases, you may have to haggle to get allowances for expenses, and in some instances, it may be relatively easy. It just depends. In order to get certain compensation, you have to file an official claim, which is why an automated app can be useful.

Do Your Research

If you’re frequently traveling for work you probably already know which airline is best in terms of things like minimal delays, but what about baggage handling?

There are DOT reports that show which airlines are the best in terms of having the fewest mishandled bag complaints, as well as the worst. A lot of times these statistics correlate pretty closely with the general quality of flights, the number of delays, and other essential metrics.

Check Your Credit Card Insurance Benefits

Most business travelers have reward credit cards that allow them to accrue miles, and these cards also tend to have favorable travel benefits including different levels of insurance coverage.

Many credit cards have things like flight insurance and supplemental baggage coverage that go into effect automatically when you purchase your flights with that card.

Be Prepared

Delayed or lost baggage is a pretty common scenario. If you’re a business traveler, you should carry on whenever possible, and have at least one set of clothes that you can wear to your meetings and presentations when you land. You should also have your toiletries and your laptop, as well as anything else that’s a necessity. Sometimes dealing with carry-ons can be an annoyance, but when you’re a business traveler, they remain the best option.

You can also think about purchasing luggage with built-in Bluetooth or tracking technology. This luggage which is often dubbed “smart luggage” lets people track their luggage globally and often has other perks business travelers love such as built-in weight sensors and digitally-controlled auto-locking.

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