What can a Mobile App Development Agency do for Your Business?

Mobile App Development using AI

So you’ve finally decided to look into developing a mobile app for your business, huh? You’ve probably heard by now that without digitalizing your business, your business won’t make it. This doesn’t just apply to small businesses anymore, the same goes for big corporations.

You need to make sure your business fully embraces the digital era with all its glory! Everything from your business operations, mailroom, and administration to your marketing, sales, and finance tools needs to be up-to-date with the latest technology.

So, the question is, how can a mobile app be good for business?

  • A new marketing tool to reach your customers through, promote and display your products
  • Increase your customer engagement, your customers are on their phones most of the day, might as well have them on your app!
  • Boost your business to an international level, reaching a wider customer base
  • A new sales channel to promote offers, exclusive discounts, and use for mobile purchases
  • Better relationships with your customers, easier access to you and your team
  • An easier way to pinpoint bestsellers and customer preferences, is by pulling out their searches or recent purchases
  • Be on top of the game within your market, extra leverage over your competitors that don’t have business apps
  • Takes your brand to the next level, gives a more professional image

Now that we have our points set on what a mobile app can do for your business, let’s find out what mobile app development agencies have up their bags. However, it is worth mentioning that you can look for in-house developers or online freelancers to get the job done but only if you have efficient funds because both options can get quite pricey.

What can development agencies do for your business?

1. Unmatched customer service:

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee with all agencies but by looking through their websites and reviews, you can pick out the good ones. For example, at Softxpert, a local development agency, customer satisfaction is a number one priority.

The customer is taken along with every step of the process, from the prototype phase to the launch phase. All your questions and concerns will be addressed and you can easily reach a support representative at any time.

2. Branding your app

Your app is yours inside out! You don’t just get the basic development skills that give you a functioning app; you get to customize your app to represent you. Everything from the color palettes used to the content goes by you to make sure it does justice to your business.

And if you don’t have a clear brand yet? A logo and app icon can be created for you according to your descriptions. You can even have customized features that serve your business and needs.

3. Development & Design

Development agencies have years of experience creating various apps which makes this option just that much better. Plus, they already have the right set of tools and professional experts on the job. A development team doesn’t just include developers, it also has designers, testers, and engineers which aren’t something you can easily get with freelancers or in-house hires.

Using the latest trends, they guarantee your product is top of the market. And the design is just as important as development, and that is why they bring in UX/ UI designers to reassure your app runs smoothly, is fully optimized, and that the customer has an enjoyable experience.

4. Technical support and maintenance

The best part yet, technical support is offered whenever needed. If your app gets any glitches or requires adjustments or maintenance, the agency can quickly address the situation. Their work isn’t done with the release of the app, but it goes beyond that to guarantee your app continues to function properly. They can even optimize your app further and make sure you have the latest updates when needed.

5. Project management

Agencies don’t just go with the flow and let the cost pile up until it’s too much for you to handle. From the very start, you get a clear outline of all the phases that will take place and the work that needs to be done with an estimate, of the overall cost for your product. All assignments will be done in a timely matter, making sure your time and money aren’t wasted.

6. Apple & Android Development

You have developers that create iPhone apps and developers that create Android apps but to find developers that create both is very tough. So unless you have enough funds to hunt down developers, getting a skilled agency that has experience in both is your best choice.

Offering development on both platforms, you can find cost-effective solutions in both directions. It’s always best to stick with experts and then take risks with someone that may or may not get it right, especially if your business is involved.


You may be hesitant about development agencies, thinking it’s only for companies on a bigger scale. But there are actually US-based development agencies like Softxpert that target small-medium-sized businesses looking to grow.

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