What does “A business is like your baby” mean?

When reading books or articles or listening to speeches by businessmen, they often mention that starting your own business is like having a baby. While some may understand what that means and interpret it as hard work, the meaning can only be correctly understood by the one going through it, just like the parent who has the kid.

Common issues that we will face exclusive in our new business
Common issues that we will face exclusively in our new business

Now, why exactly is it important to understand the deep-rooted meaning behind this phrase?, well for starters, it may paint a realistic picture of what you will be getting yourself into when starting a business, it’s not going to be rolling in cash, and bling, on the contrary, It’s going to be hard work, stress, and sleepless nights, negatively impact your relationships with family and friends, and suck all entertainment out of your life. While these are just some of the reasons one can presume right off the back, there will be many such issues that you will face exclusive to your business.

1. Sleepless nights

Yes, you will be sleep deprived beyond imagination, caffeine will become your best friend, and deadlines will be your nightmares.

2. Constant Demands

Just like a baby selfishly demands irrational care from parents, your business will too have sudden problems that you will have to take care of, problems you may have never seen coming, new deadlines, missing employees, lost documents, etc.

3. Feeding the business

It’s not going to be a bottle of milk, it will be loads of cash, as your business starts to popularize itself, or in the process of doing so, you will require amounts of cash you don’t even possess to invest. Money matters are essential they are literally like the 3rd hourly feed given to a baby to stop crying and be at ease.

4. Time

Giving time to your business is essential, making an agenda to think about where it’s headed and how it can be brought back on its original planned path. By taking time out to make these decisions and review the business plan, you increase the success rates and keep yourself updated with the functioning of the business.

5. No help

Initially, you will have little or no help running your tiny enterprise, this can take its toll on your body’s energy reserve. You will feel tired and lethargic, while doing the task you may accomplish it by staying focused, but after it’s done you will feel drained. This can also lead to health problems; the body needs regular nutrition in order to undertake physical and mental tasks.

6. Needing a break

The classic of every parent, 2 hours into parenthood, they need their break to relax and unwind. But that seldom happens; it’s a luxury because you don’t want to leave your kid with anyone else because you just don’t trust them to care for it as much as you would. Hence, leading to micromanaging the business and getting exhausted.

Other than the above-mentioned points, you will be under extreme anxiety and lose contact with your family and friends because of your busy schedule. By the time it all stabilizes you may have lost many friends, and have a lot of lost time to make up for. But then again, it’s all going to be worth it in the end, just like the happiness received when the child takes its first step, the first profit of the business will bring similar joy!

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