Impressing Bud Hawkson – how to give your business that extra sheen

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Picture this, your name is Bud Hawkson and your profession is playboy billionaire. Not many people get that as a job title, but you’re such a handsome, rich, charismatic, and all-round successful business professional that you’ve managed it.

One day, as you lounge on a jewel-encrusted gondola in Venice, you spot a promising investment in a business report. So, what do you do?

Well, Bud, you hop off that gondola, onto your private jet, and beeline to that promising start-up.

But, what do you find?

The business premises is a state, it’s in an area twinned with Boyzn the Hood, has a shabbier paint job than one performed at the Shabby Paint Job Emporium, the washroom is a write-off and the staff seems to slump their way through their day.

You’re not impressed, Bud, are you?

And, end scene.

You’re no longer Bud, but the slovenly business owner of that seemingly promising startup. Having spotted a playboy billionaire in the distance, you wave wildly at him in the same way that people send out distress signals, only to see him back away from your premises like it’s a bad smell.

With your head in your hands, you think about what you could have done to reel Bud in. Well, here are a few suggestions.

Give that washroom the once over

While you don’t need a washroom fit for a playboy billionaire, it is necessary to have one fit to meet your employees’ health and hygiene needs. To curtail any germs striking your workers down with an avoidable illness, implement the best hand dryers, toilet wipes, high-quality sinks, and, naturally, hire someone to clean the place regularly.

Once that’s installed, make sure people actually do wash their hands properly to keep your hygiene levels high.

Make your premises new again

Drop that poor premises like a bad habit, or at least spruce it up a bit. If you’ve got a place that looks like the remnants of the Dresden fire-bombings, then your first port of call is to give it a fresh lick of paint, both inside and out.

More than this, add a few pieces of artwork and pot plants for a splash of colour and character. Not only will you impress someone like Bud, you’ll have a happier, healthier workforce.

Keep your workers motivated

And, start scene, you’re Bud Hawkson again and you’re wandering through this newly refurbished office, but the employees here still seem to slump into their work. What kind of person would want to do business with someone who treats their staff with contempt?

Nobody is the answer. So, keep your staffs’ motivation high and let them relax every once in a while. You never know, implement enough of these tips and you could even ensnare a client like Bud.

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