What is DIN, and how to register for its application online?

What is din and how to register for its application online

Din is a Director identification number. But what is DIN? It is an individual eight-digit number that is needed for any current or recommended Director of a company. It has been originated in India by means of the Companies Amendment Act, of 2006.

DIN number is particular to a person. This means if a person is a director in 2 or more 2 companies. Then he/she has to receive only 1 DIN number. Apart from this if a person leaves a company and joins some other company. Then the same DIN can work in the company the person is joining.

Where does the DIN is used?

As in the above, one is clear about what is DIN. Now where we can use DIN?

The use of din can be found easily. Where there is a requirement of annual return fillings or many others filling the application. Even any information linked to a company under a law. In that case, a director has to sign and approve. All applications returns, or details linked with the DIN number below the signature.

What is the purpose of a DIN number?

The DIN gives a different identity to the director. Plus benefits in securing the data of every director in a database. Earlier many Indian cities had chit-fund companies. Ensuring its residents’ unique returns, then leaving with their money to a different city.

To cross-check these persons and to assure the director’s identity is valid. All data must be given true to the government that began the DIN. Therefore, the DIN list will include every data concerning the directors. For example, their Name, Address proof, and PAN number. A change in the address or other details requires to be updated instantly.

The greatest part of DIN is that irrespective of the number of companies. A person drifts, they can apply their DIN received for a lifetime existence. Simply means DIN is precise to the person who has received it. Not for the company a person has got it.

Why it is important to have a DIN number?

  • DIN is important in determining the directors of companies. Thus abolishing every possibility of vanishing them with the investor’s money. Many companies have been created essentially with the purpose of raising funds by cheating investors. In this case, DIN works easily for the police to trace fraud directors. So DIN has a record of the important data regarding the directors and their own companies.
  • It’s necessary for every director to register for a DIN in accordance with the Companies Act, of 1956. This pin is unique and therefore each director needs one individual DIN.
  • The incorporations of the new company’s first requirement are DIN.
  • DIN functions as an account of all the major effects on the director’s life. That includes their history and prevailing participation in other companies. In circumstances of any modifications in the basic data of the director. The information is passed on to the central government.

What is the procedure for DIN Application?

A DIN is necessary for registering any company in India. No one can be a director without the din. A digital signature and its certificate is a must for practicing for the DIN. The DSC is taken in the form of a USB. Also, it is valid for one to two years.

To get a DSC, one needs to file an application for the same. That will comprise the signature, residence proof, and identity proof. Each of the documents needs to be self-attested.

The following proofs are required:

  • Voter ID card
  • Utility bills
  • Tax receipts -corporation, property tax, service tax, sales tax, registration, and many more
  • Bank Statement – Must be attested.
  • PF statement
  • Driving license
  • PAN card of the applicant (for Indian nationals)
  • Passport
  • Passport of the applicant, if they are foreign nationals and NRI.

For NRIs and foreign nationals, the self-attested copies. Also, identity proofs need to be checked by their embassy. In the case of NRIs, the Indian Embassy will check.

Once the DSC is received, one can appeal for a DIN.

How to register for the DIN application?

  • The DIN registration, suitably signed with the DSC is to be submitted to the MCA( Ministry of Corporate Affairs). Also, one must have a photograph, Id proof, and address proof.
  • The DIN number is provided instantly if the application is complete and all data presented is appropriate. In the case of explanations asked by the DIN cell, they require to be provided by the applicant.
  • A DIN is a constant number provided to a director. So, all data is saved in the Ministry database. A DIN can be examined through the DIN or DPIN search.
  • The DIN application gets prepared in 2-3 days. Making it simple for directors to receive them throughout the company registration procedure. The DIN allotment letter with the implication is forwarded to the applicant to complete the procedure. What are the steps for DIN Application?

what are the steps for DIN Application?

Applying for DIN is a really simple and automatic process. The stepwise procedure for appealing for DIN is as follows :

  • Step 1: Visit the website official website of the government. register for a fresh ID. Download the DIN-1 form. Fill in all the details.
  • Step 2: Once the form is filled, all the documents that are needed to be uploaded are ready to log into the website.
  • Step 3: Then make the payment according to your requirement. That is net banking, credit card, or debit card.
  • Step 4: Instantly after the payment, a unique DIN will be formed. It can be of 2 types, depending on who has approved the form. It can be approved DIN signed by a charted accountant. Also, it can be Provisional DIN if signed by an applicant. If he/she is the CEO or director of the current company.

Which are the Forms linked to DIN?

Number of forms Purpose of it
DIR-3C Intimation of DIN by Company to the Registrar
DIR-3 DIN allotment Application
DIR-6 Application for changing details submitted in DIR-3
DIR-5 Application for surrendering DIN

Number of FormsPurpose of it
DIR-3C Intimation of DIN by Company to the Registrar
DIR-3 DIN allotment Application
DIR-6 Application for changing details submitted in DIR-3
DIR-5 Application for surrendering DIN
Number of forms linked to DIN

Is there any validity for DIN?

DIN numbers never have an expiry date. Also, no additional agreement formalities are needed for keeping the validity of a DIN number. It is given by means of implication through the DIN allotment letter.No additional documents are circulated.

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