What makes PDF better than JPG File Format?

JPG to PDF Converter

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is an extension that is widely used for taking photos and storing images. JPG is a file that can be altered/modified in such a way that one can take your piece of work and can make his own just by doing a little editing. As an artist and as a lover of nature, I used to take snaps of natural sights around the world and save them in JPG.

However, it took quite some time to realize that it was a big mistake of mine. After a few months when I published photos over the internet, my photos were edited by someone and published elsewhere with their watermark over them. I thought maybe it belonged to some website, but they never referred to my name.

Anyhow after this little tragedy, I had to find a solution, where I can be carefree about the photos, publishing, or giving them to anyone. I looked for different formats of pictures over the internet and found about PDF (Portable Document Format) which is a file format being used by people to capture an image of the printed document to send, view or publish somewhere.

History of PDF File Format

This style document was developed in the 1990s by adobe systems and remained PDF adoption in the early days of the format was pretty slow, as people didn’t really know the benefits of this file format. They were used to JPG format and set their cameras to save the file as JPG.

The main difference between these two formats is that the JPG file can be easily modified no matter what kind of image it is and also the picture doesn’t have vector-based graphics which enhances the graphics in a document where you can zoom in as much as you want without pixels falling apart. In JPG you can’t zoom in much as the document will start showing you boxes which are known as pixels and the picture you are looking at won’t be clear at all.

The most fantastic part about PDF is you can arrange multiple images in one document and can slide through to see all the photos present in one single document. Whereas you have to save various files for JPG which occupies more space as compared to a PDF document. All the images assembled in one file of PDF has vector-based graphics this non-editable file type is the best way to share files with anyone without any storage problem.

The file size is not too large plus a PDF file is also used for text contained documents so that no one can edit what you but will have to rewrite which no one usually prefers, especially if you are writing a book or a big essay. Most of the people over the internet would copy and paste it into their text files but when you have a PDF file present over the internet no one would be able to copy any text.

What do I prefer for converting JPG to PDF?

The reason why I chose JPG to PDF Converter available at SmallSEOTools is that it is the most convenient way of converting a JPG file into a PDF format. I tried other software and tools, but it would take me ages to arrange multiple pictures in one document. It was a long process as you have to cut images then paste them, rearrange them, in the end, save them. So I didn’t have any luck with them.

The best thing about this website is it contains tools for almost everything you need for SEO. Not just JPG to PDF Converter but there are other tools like Grammar Checker, Reverse Image Search, and many more. You can use these tools to check grammar or to see if your image is present elsewhere over the internet, and why is being published on that specific website.

The most incredible part about this website is you can edit your image online with all the image editors you need, and it is totally free. No need for signup, unless you want news about updates that what this website is planning for the future.

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