Why Every SME Needs a PDF Conversion Tool

PDF Conversion Tools

PDF (portable document format) is a popular file format representing documents independent of application software, OS, and hardware used to create them.

It is also unique to the output device the document is to be printed on or displayed. If you are running an SME, there are several reasons why you should use PDF documents.

  • PDF offers unparalleled portability and mobility since it works across different devices and operating systems. You and your employees can view PDF files whenever you want and from wherever they are. This adds to productivity.
  • You need not worry about losing visual elements created in other document formats such as Microsoft Word. Once you convert the document to PDF format, all the text, images, and graphics are retained. PDF allows the document to look and feel like the source file. This is important because it eliminates the risk of misunderstandings. There is no risk of data entry errors resulting from manual entry and conversion flaws. These errors can be very costly to a business.
  • PDF supports such interactive functions as markup, hyperlinks, music, movies, file attachments, and text notes. The format also integrates interactive forms that can help you import and export data. These PDF features allow for better collaboration at the workplace.
  • One of the greatest benefits of PDF to a small business is the support for high security and data encryption levels. PDF allows you to transmit and share data through common tools like email and flash disks. There is no risk of competitors and other business enemies intercepting and modifying important documents like proposals and legal contracts. You can customize the User Access level, and you can digitally sign documents to authenticate them.
  • PDF documents also offer business security in that they cannot be infected with Trojan horses and viruses. This is one of the main reasons why PDF documents have trusted the world over. They enable you to better communicate with your customers/clients, suppliers, shareholders, and other business stakeholders.
  • Your business stands to benefit from PDF file conversion because your documents can be greatly reduced. For example, you can achieve reduction rates of between 2:1 and 8:1 on MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents. This allows for easier sharing through such methods as emails (where size matters).
  • Good PDF conversion tools like Docs. Zone allows for quick data transfer to PDF format and from PDF format. This is important for your business because it means you can concentrate on running your business and not converting your files for security, transmission, or other purposes.
  • PDF saves you money since the format is available free of charge. Not having to store documents in filing cabinets means you will save money. The compressed size saves you money in email server storage. PDF also allows for better organization and safer archiving.

You can make PDF searchable, which makes documents easy to navigate. You can use keywords and phrases to search through the document. You can also magnify a PDF document hundreds of times without compromising on quality.

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