Why is Mobile Gaming becoming more popular than Console Gameplay?

There is no doubt about it; mobile and digital gaming is now more popular than the traditional console platform.

There are a myriad of figures to support this assertion too, from a decline in the sales of physical games and software to a huge increase in the revenues generated by smartphone and tablet gameplay. Even console market leaders such as Microsoft and Sony have begun to profit from digital sales and download activity, with this market growing by an impressive 8% to $61 billion in 2015.

Why Mobile Platforms and Digital downloads are outstripping the Traditional Gaming Market

If you are one of the many players to enjoy mobile gaming at sites such as Alljackpotscasino and other similar sites, you are part of an increasingly large and influential demographic. So why exactly are mobile and digital channels so popular among players, and is this trend likely to continue in the future? Consider the following: –

Mobile Gaming offers the ultimate in Flexibility

If you are a gamer, there may have been times in the past where you were forced to travel for work or as part of a family holiday. It is extremely difficult to pack your console or desktop computer, however, meaning that you would be unable to access your favorite games and platforms while you were away. Mobile gaming therefore offers an ideal solution to both regular and infrequent travelers, as it is accessibly from anywhere in the world so long as you have a viable Internet connection.

This is even more important with online casino games where real money is wagered, as a loss in connectivity can actively cause you to lose money or miss out on promotions.

Mobile games and Digital Downloads are usually based on the freemuim business model

Another huge benefit of mobile gaming and digital downloads is that they are usually free-to-access, with subscription-based, paid tiers available to players at their own discretion. This enables you to tailor your gaming experience to suit your precise needs and budget, while also letting you choose how, when and where you spend your money. Console games are gradually beginning to follow this example, with the upcoming Hitman: Agent 47 game being released in monthly, non-subscription updates on the PlayStation 4.

Mobile and Digital titles offer greater diversity to players

If you have ever spent time on an online casino, you will be amazed at how many game variations and iterations are available within a single, virtual space. This contrasts sharply with physical gaming, where software and storage restrictions limit the amount of individual titles available on each platform. With mobile and digital platforms continuing to churn out a huge variety of games, consoles will find it difficult to compete over the course of the next decade.

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