Will VOIP and social status change business communication?

VOIP and Social Networking

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is imperative to adopt business processes that are agile. The definite advantage of these business processes is that the company can then become more flexible toward the evolving market needs, business models, regulations, policies, and customer needs.

VoIP and social computing are two business practices that are being used by the majority of modern companies and it is definitely changing business communication. Social networking has become an integral part of the everyday activity of individuals as well as businesses.

Large corporate houses are finding it easier to stay connected to their loyal customers as well as employees. The social networking accounts of the companies are now connected to the business communication system of a company in a bid to offer a better flow of information from one business process to another.

The social platforms have enabled IT departments, stakeholders are discovering new ways to engage and work with their customers.

Several companies around the world are switching to VoIP and ditching their old telephone systems. There are definite advantages of migrating to VoIP as it offers numerous advanced telecommunication features that are otherwise limited or absent in traditional phone systems.

VoIP can be integrated with the CRM so that real-time data can be availed by the customer support executives to provide a high quality of service and support to their customers.

VoIP helps to make business processes more agile and responsive to customer needs and demands. The integration of VoIP with social networking platforms has given business communication a completely new look and feel.

Today when we link up with a new client, we are more interested in his Linkedin profile, Skype ID, his FB status, and such. His email id and phone number do not feature on our priority list. This reveals that social status matters a lot when businesses are shifting to dynamic business processes that are meant to address vital issues plaguing businesses.

The business processes using social networking statuses and VoIP communication systems have shown better operational efficiency and agility while providing the business with higher visibility. Thus, organizations that are striving for higher efficiency, as well as effectiveness, are opting for new technological opportunities like VoIP and Social networking.

The convergence of Social media networking, VoIP, and Business Process Management are helping businesses to become innovative and nimble while helping them to adapt to rapid changes.

The most interesting fact about these three elements is that they can work independently as well as work as a combined system to create perfect synergy. Social networking and VoIP can work as independent technologies but they can be clubbed with Business process management to boost the functional efficiency of an organization.

Today even before we check the mail id or phone number of a company, we tend to check their LinkedIn profile, Twitter Updates, or Facebook page. Now, this proves the significance of maintaining a social networking profile by a company. Consumers share their experiences on social media and offer genuine feedback regarding the services or products offered by a company.

Data from the social network can be availed to get a deeper insight into the needs, wants, and preferences of customers. Now all this raw data can be fed to the CRM integrated with the VoIP. So every time the customer care executives call up a customer, they will have all the information pertaining to the customer right in front of their eyes.

Business process management can be next applied to bring about changes in the business processes used by the company to provide better services and customer experiences. This will eventually have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

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