Tips and Tricks to Write Posts That Actually Catch People’s Attention

Article writing guide

Sometimes it so happens that even after putting too much knowledge in the post, the viewers are hardly interested in reading the content. The writer is left in despair searching for tools for correcting their writing styles.

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Writing articles and blogs requires skills to portray the information in a way that engages the viewers. However, many people have technical knowledge about the subject they are talking about, but their lack of creativity in putting their knowledge in words leaves them without any enthusiastic readers.

A detailed guide for writing attention-seeking posts is provided which is prepared by extensively researching the market trends.

Headlines should be Head-turners

First things first, to motivate someone to read the content, the headlines should be kept in such a way that it catches the eyes of the readers and make them want to read what the post is talking about in detail. Some pointers that can help in creating a catchy headline are discussed hereunder.

1. Make the readers Curious

Some experts quote that “Curiosity” is the key element that should be provoked while forming a heading. This definitely helps if the article deals with the most curious questions that are circulating in the market in the current situation. Nobody would like to read an article that includes redundant information.

Moreover, if somebody is putting so much effort into preparing an informative post for the readers, then it must carry a curious element with it.

2. Quoting Numbers in the headlines

Another trend that is getting popular for writing headlines is quoting numbers while writing one. This further denotes the number of facts that the post is covering. Thus, the reader gets an idea of the time that they would need to go through the post (if it interests them) and the amount of knowledge that they will gain from the content.

3. Focusing on the Negatives

The reader is not always looking for the positive aspect of a particular field. They also want to know the drawbacks associated with it, so that they are prepared for a bad experience and can formulate ways to tackle the associated problems. Thus, if the heading highlights the negatives of the trend, then it can definitely attract many readers.

4. Directly Address the Reader

The technicality of the subject may not allow the writer to use direct addressing pronouns like “You” Your” “We”, however, whenever possible, the headings should include such terms to make the reader instantly connect with the write-up. In this way, the reader feels that the content is directly focusing on their issues and they take an interest in it.


The most important aspect of this article is writing an eye-catching post for the viewers. A list of features that can convert average content into attention-grabbing content is mentioned below:

1. Knowing the audience’s requirements helps

After all, the main motive for writing an article is to attract readers and increase the traffic of the website. Therefore, writing without keeping the reader’s needs in mind is mere waste of time.

If the content targets readers from a specific area, taste, or mood, then it should be prepared in such a way that focuses on all these aspects. Their perception and culture can also be focused to increase the soft spot in their minds. Overall, the article should be what the readers want to read and in a way that they like.

2. Follow what is in trend and begin a new one- Research it

One may not be a trendsetter and taking new trends forward can be a risky task. It is always better to begin by following the trend. Creating a knowledgeable post that is talking about the prevailing trend can sufficiently attract eyes toward the post. People are always interested in being up-to-date with the ongoing scenario and if the post is talking about that, then it will soon become highly in demand.

Researching is another important feature that must be taken care of while writing the best article that is engaging. Going through Forum sites, Social media platforms, and more such interfaces can help in keeping up with the current market trends.

It is definitely an upper hand if the writer has thorough knowledge about the topics they are writing about. However, even if they need to talk about things that they are still new to, then market research is definitely a must-do while writing the post.

3. Pictorial content and short videos can amp up the viewer’s interest

Although the main objective of this article is to talk about trending ways of writing an engaging article, however, if the post only has black and white words written, then it may sound boring to many people. Adding images that are free from any copyright policy is definitely going to give the content a boost.

Moreover, a short video that complies with the idea stated in the article is also another popular way to engross people on the page.

4. Keep it Sweet and Simple

Again, a very important thing that most writers miss is the beauty of simplicity. Putting industrial jargon in the write-up can be pretty difficult to read. We need to remember that there are many people who are not very well versed with such terms and they would be learners who want to learn these things.

To target the audience based on facts and figures, the writers must create engaging bullet points which are easy to understand. Filling in unnecessary words in the post can create boredom among the readers and this must be avoided at any cost. The reader can decide to leave the post or to read it. Nobody can force them to read it except for the free-flowing and informative words that directly interact with the reader’s mind. Thus, simplicity should not be lost in the huge forest of industrial terms.

In the end, it is up to the reader to decide whether the post is engaging or not. The writers can follow these golden rules to creatively accumulate all the beads and make it pearl necklace that the viewer wants to buy.

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