You’re Never Alone with These Business Travel Services

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Those ultra-successful in business are the ones that manage time and resources effectively. They’re working smart. Some push the limits (60+ hours a week) while others find success in a fraction of this time.

How are they doing this?

They understand the importance of using professionals to focus on specific tasks outside their skillset and tapping into local resources.

This is especially important for those individuals who travel frequently.

Flight times, layovers, and arrangements lead to hours of lost productivity. How does a person that finds themselves constantly traveling for business make it all happen? Through a support system.

Let’s take a closer look at how it’s done.

Building a Support Network for the Streamlined Business-types

A successful trip is built on several factors such as the timing, location, and business materials.

All-in-One Solutions

Modi Offices is a prime example of a support system to streamline business travel. This company is in several metropolitan cities around the world providing businesses with many services ranging from conference facilities, concierge services, catering, and event planning.

One can see the value of creating a larger-than-life image to a potential prospect by wooing them with the executive treatment. It allows small-to-medium size businesses to present themselves on a Fortune 500 level while keeping within a modest budget.

Corporate Travel Agencies

Services such as:

  • Christopherson Business Travel
  • Ovation Corporate Travel
  • Egencia

These are top-tier services like travel agencies but on a corporate level. Their partnering helps companies save money through a streamlined approach to acquiring, planning, and tracking itineraries.

Hiring the task of booking air, hotel, and transportation to a professional will provide perks such as deep discounts and peace of mind. This can lead to less spending and improved reporting since the “heavy lifting” of business travel is taken care of through a third party.

Going Local

Another method to improve the travel experience is by hiring a local guide. Sites like TravelLocal, ShowAround, and ToursByLocals, are a fantastic starting points to understand the area, discover locations to conduct one-on-one meetings, and discover new opportunities in business districts.

One could dictate the task of hiring a local expert. This will provide enough time to settle in and get to know the location while adding some enjoyment to the business trip.

OBT (Online Booking Tool)

Perhaps you would like to take it in-house.

There are solutions for that, including:

  • GetThere
  • Concur
  • Rocketrip

These are data-driven platforms that can be installed within the company to manage business travel.

Think of them as creating a travel agency from within the business.

These are tools that set trip parameters and travel policies for employees. They are updated with real-time prices for flights, lodging, and transportation rentals. The platforms also provide reports to track the spending and productivity of the individual (or yourself). These are also paired with reward systems to encourage the business traveler to stay (or go lower) within their budget.

Which brings us to the…


To get the full benefits of your next business trip you must be prepared and explore.

Working while traveling can be difficult at times due to the thrill of a new location, culture, cuisine, and things to do. But work needs to be done. A support system can open these opportunities. You’ll stay proficient in your work habit while freeing time (and stress) to enjoy business travel.

What’s not to love about this mode of thinking?

Share your tips, and experiences, of using support systems for business travel with a comment below!

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