YouTubing Yourself to Richness

There is nothing as simpler as being your product. When you’re selling yourself, you will make the most because you know yourself inside out. Here’s to YouTubers who’ve done just that. Some may have accidentally shot to fame, but many now look to YouTube to make the big bucks.

Five of the Richest YouTubers
Five of the Richest YouTubers

It’s not as easy it may sound; it may be more straightforward in terms of management and investment, but not easy. First of all, you have to make sure your clients like you, i.e., via videos you upload on the website, and then strategically make the best out of your channel to keep the viewers gripped.

If you are looking to get into the world of YouTubing and that to make money, you have to keep in mind a few things:

  1. There is a hell load of competition on the website, the viewers have already chosen their favorites and may not be too open to newer content.
  2. You have to be regular, if you’re really serious, you will need to treat this like a job, and follow a profitable rhythm. Viewers should find new content every few days if not every day.
  3. Content matters a lot, if your content is becoming blander and blander by the day then kiss your YouTube career goodbye.
  4. Be interested in what you’re doing, don’t try to make videos on cars when your real interest lies in clothes and fashion. Stick to what can get you more ideas and keep you motivated to make more.

Have a personality; if you’re not the kind who is likable to the general market, chances are you won’t make it. You don’t have to be Aishwarya Rai, or even show your face for that matter, but remember the viewer’s login for entertainment. And if you do not fit the bill, they will move on.

So how does one become rich via YouTube? It’s simple; YouTube splits the ad revenue generated by channels 50-50. So basically, the more fans you can create, the more people will click on those ads and the more money you can make. Some YouTubers have been earning $100,000 a year from their videos.

Tips on how to get rich via YouTube:

How to get stinking RICH on YouTube!!!

To take it all a step further, you can continue on your venture into blogging. This directs all your YouTube traffic to your blog since blogs are more accessible to update than making videos (editing, checking sound, quality, time issues, etc.); they can be the “regular” dose of fun you can provide your followers and also promote your channel through the blog.

This can also happen the other way around; if you have a blog doing pretty well with advertisements placed on it, you can extend it to YouTube. Different ways to promote your blog and the channel are via social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The five Richest YouTubers to date are:
1. Shane Dawson – Comic Actor
2. Animated fruit created by Dane Boedigheimer
3. Philip DeFranco – News Network
4. Ryan Higa – Nigahiga – Comedian
5. Fred Figglehorn by LucasCruikshank videos for children

And here are the Top Five Videos of the Top Five Richest YouTubers till date:

This is an excellent way for younger kids sitting at home to make money; if you have content, and love what you talk about, go for it earn a little money on the side, maybe more!

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