10 Simple Steps to Write a Great Essay and Grab Your Reader’s Attention!

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The Writing Clinic is a small and dedicated online company that offers a unique Professional Essay Editing UK service to students studying in school and university. The Writing Clinic can write all or part of your essay, and also will provide free tuition in a simple step-by-step approach to all aspects of how to write your essay.

This means that as they help you with your essay they will also teach you to write your own essay so that in the future you will be able to write your essay without outside help! Following is a brief summary of 10 simple steps to help you tackle your essay.

  1. Remember every writer has a reader. This may seem obvious yet many students write an essay and forget that the reader cannot see inside the writer’s head! So according to companies such as Professional Essay Editing UK, you should write an essay and avoid telling your reader about your topic but rather share what you are thinking. Academic Paper Writing UK likens it to friends hanging out and sharing experiences in a coffee shop.
  2. Professional Essay Editing UK offers the suggestion that your Introduction to the essay should grab your reader’s attention so that they want to know more. Avoid talking in general terms rather use specific words to hook your reader. For example, “statistics show that many students fail to get good scores because they fail to plan” how about “ABC University claimed that creating a visual mind-map is a great way to write an essay that is easy to understand”.
  3. Essay Writing Services claims specific details awaken your reader’s curiosity. For example, “what is a visual mind-map”. Specifics are key; they create a “real-life” picture of what you are thinking. Academic Paper Writing UK suggests that you should think of an Introduction as a way to greet your reader and share some interesting ideas with them via a mini-outline or topic map using specific details which leave no doubt in the reader’s mind what you want to share with them.
  4. Professional Essay Editing UK, reminds us that we should avoid using personal pronouns such as I, my, and you. So instead of writing “you will become a better writer if you followed my advice” rather write “the writer will discover that following this advice will lead to better writing skills”. Essay Writing Services cautions writing in the “passive voice”. For example, the writer was only awarded an 85% grade”. This shows that the subject (the writer) allowed actions to happen to them! Better to write “The writer achieved an 85% grade”. This infers (suggests) that the writer is controlling the actions and is therefore the actions (or what happened) are more meaningful for the reader. Your reader is your captive audience!
  5. The last sentence should move the reader to the next paragraph which is the main body/discussion of your essay. For example, “Following are three important strategies which can revolutionize how you write essays”. This creates a natural flow from the introduction to the main discussion.
  6. Academic Paper Writing UK found that the body or discussion paragraphs form the main essay framework so it is important that you present details in the discussion paragraphs which support your opening Introduction paragraph. So if you listed 3 main sub-topics in the mini-outline or map of the topic then you could allocate paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 to share details/explanations/examples of each of those sub-topics.
  7. Academic Paper Writing UK advises us to use “real-life” examples so that the reader will believe what you are sharing in your essay. For example, “most writers make similar mistakes by failing to edit their essays”. The reader may think “so what” and either stop reading further or just ignore your point. How about “An article in the “Student Handbook” (July 2016) edition found that 81% of writers submitted their essays without editing or proofreading their work”. Your reader will most likely believe what you have just shared with them.
  8. Ask yourself, which is more interesting – a conversation in which everyone agrees or a debate in which there is an argument? Academic Paper Writing UK reminds us to construct an argument so that the reader can express their opinion and participate in the discussion. Essay Writing Services provides an example; “According to the “Student Handbook” (July 2016) edition, 81% of students fail to edit their essays whereas 57% of students in the UK claim that their university does not offer enough time to write their essays (Daily Telegraph, 2013). While this is not a direct argument, it may stimulate the reader to either blame the university or think that the students are lazy.
  9. Join the dots. Essay Writing Services suggests that we should tie the paragraphs together so that each paragraph is connected and provide answers to the discussion. We should share with the reader why each paragraph is relevant.
  10. Essay Writing Services note that the Conclusion is almost a second introduction! It should restate your Introduction (paraphrase, different words) and summarize your final decision/conclusion/outcome of the topic. Remember, you grabbed your reader’s attention, so now it’s time to share the result of the discussion and recommend your reader to act.
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