11 Tips to Help Small Businesses Attract New Customers

Business Tips for New Customers

Small businesses have a lot of competition in the global marketplace today. Big companies with long histories have taken the lion’s share of consumer revenue because they can afford to be bigger and louder no matter what tactics other companies try.

It might seem impossible to complete, but here are a few tips that, aside from how you present your business, may help you set your company apart and offer to lure new customers.

Understand Your Business First

It seems obvious, but knowing your business to attract new customers can be a different animal than what you might believe. You need to know what your company does and what kinds of customers you are designing your services and advertisements for, but you need to know things like how your company solves problems and how it rewards loyalty.

Know Your Target Market

Knowing who you want to buy your products or seek out your services is important because it will dictate how you market those products and services. You wouldn’t sell to a highly professional market through the use of farm animals or talking balloons; you likely wouldn’t do well if that was your target and strategy.

Attracting Your Target Market

Knowing your target market means knowing what appeals to them. To draw in your target market, and attract them to your products and services, you need to focus on making those products and services as appealing as possible. Know what attracts your target, the latest trends and fashions, and play to those advertising strengths.

Determine Your Advertising Approach

There are practically as many ways to advertise as there are product types these days. Be innovative, but keep in mind your consumers while you do so. How will your consumers know about your products? What method will reach the highest number of your target?

SEO content

Pay-per-click ads

Direct Mail


Print Ads

An accessible website

Offer Excellent Customer Service

This should be the focus of every company offering services or products to consumers. Customer service is the key to a good experience from a consumer perspective. If you offer excellent customer service and actively seek to meet consumer needs and handle any problems your customers have, you will win exposure through word of mouth, which is a powerful form of an advertisement on its own.


You can’t compete with every other company out there with similar products or service offerings. You can eliminate some of the competition and elevate yourself above others by offering exceptional quality, but for the rest, networking may be a better way to eliminate competition.

As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” and it actually works. Identify other companies that have complementary products and services, network, and develop partnerships to eliminate competition and increase your exposure.

Create Referrals

Capitalizing on your loyal customers is a way to generate more interest in your products. Ask for referrals and create opportunities where your customers will want to share your information, even for such perks as incentives or discounts. Social marketing works, and your loyal customers have a hand in making you more successful.

Keep Your Customers

Considering how important your customers are to your success, don’t forget to keep the ones you already have. It’s more cost-effective to keep one customer than to advertise for 2 new ones and loyal customers, as mentioned above, offer opportunities for word of mouth and social advertising, both of which are free and – if it’s positive – also very powerful for winning you more success.

Look Out For Large Customers

You don’t have to be a big business to have large customers, but you do have to know how to treat large customers to maintain your relationship with them. Large-size companies often look for small-scale businesses to fill their needs not because they like to help the little guys but more because they know the value of personalized service a small company can offer that a big company might not.

Have An Engaging Website

Mobile accessibility is one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques in today’s business world. A good website is an advertisement tool all its own, and because today’s consumers so easily access it, it can dramatically affect your sales and attract new customers.

Designhill offers services to help you capitalize on web-based exposure. When you utilize Graphic designing at Designhill to create an engaging website, you’re investing in a presence that will do more than hold your place on the web.

Look Large

Have you ever noticed that big businesses normally have very sophisticated brand images? Polish is one way to imply that your company has more size without actually moving out of the realm of a small business.

Making your website a store or implying a standing advertisement isn’t in your best interest. Instead, learn from the big businesses and use your website to tell your company’s story and sell your image, not your products.

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