Fun Advertising Flags That Will Give Your Store a Unique Look

Feather Advertising Flags

A lot of businesses focus their attention online. For stores that don’t have a brick and mortar location, this makes a lot of sense. For them, getting their online presence just right is essential.

Although brick and mortar stores should also pay attention to their online presence, it should never be at the expense of your physical location. The in-store experience matters more than ever. If you want people to shop in your store time and time again, you have to provide shoppers with a memorable experience that makes them want to come back, even if they could just get what they’re looking for online.

One quick and easy way to do that is with flags!

Here are a few fun advertising flag ideas that will give your store a unique look,

which will encourage shoppers to come back time and time again.

Feather Flags

You will undoubtedly get your business noticed with feather flags. That’s because these large flags are made to rustle in the breeze.

These types of flags can often be seen on car lots, but with the right design, they can enhance any business. There are many different styles to choose from that include:

  • Curved feather flags
  • Square feather flags
  • Teardrop feather flags
  • Custom shapes and sizes

Another benefit of using feather flags is the fact that they can also be used indoors. Use a ground stake to promote a special deal outside your shop, or affix the flags to sturdy bases and use them to decorate the interior of your store for a special event.

Street Banner Flags

Although everyone is talking about digital advertising, outdoor advertising should not be ignored. It’s a great way to build your brand, entice customers to come in for a closer look, and it can be a cost-effective way to advertise, especially compared to fancy digital advertising.

One of the best ways to advertise outdoors is by using street banner flags.

It’s true that street banner flags aren’t for everyone. These large flags are best when stationary, which means your store needs to have plenty of outdoor space where they can be installed.

However, once installed, the flags can be switched out frequently. Design flags with your business’s logo, advertise a special sale, or simply wish shoppers a happy holiday season.

Wall Flags

Feather flags and street banner flags are great for stores that have a lot of space outdoors to advertise, but what if your store is located in a small town square or a busy street where green space and sidewalk space is at a premium?

A good solution is wall flags.

These flags don’t require any floor or ground space whatsoever. Instead, they can be affixed to the wall of your store. They are an important way for stores to advertise when foot traffic is the main source of customers. These flags hang out from the wall, advertising what’s inside the store without the need for passersby to look in the window or crane their necks to see the sign on the outside of the building.

String Bunting

It’s important to think about how you’re going to decorate the outside of your store, but you have to think about the inside of your store too!

String bunting is a great way to decorate the interior of a store. With bright colors and vivid images, it’s a great way to create a celebratory vibe from the rafters of your shop.

String bunting can be a great choice for the outdoors too, when done properly. It can be effective for portable stores, like pop-up shops and food trucks, especially when the bunting is weaved in with decorative outdoor string lights.

Table Covers

Table covers probably don’t come to mind when you’re thinking about flags that advertise your business, but most flag makers also print custom table covers. That’s a good thing because decorating with table covers is a great way to elevate your interior space!

Not only can you decorate table covers to give your shop the perfect ambiance, the right covers can provide you with a little additional storage. They can dress up basic tables while covering the area underneath, providing you with a place to put boxes and additional merchandise.

No matter what flag item you choose from the list, it is vital that you design it with your brand in mind. Every flag can enhance any kind of business with the right design, especially if you use complimentary designs and choose more than one of the flag products on this list!

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