15 Best Online Resources for Web Designers in 2017

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Web design standards are constantly changing as new technologies and methods develop. New methods and tools allow designers to create effects, animations, and design features that weren’t possible just a couple of years ago.

Check out these 15 online resources for web designers to order

to stay current on web design standards and gain access to amazing design tools for 2017.

1. Browser Shots

This unique web design resource allows designers to see how a website looks in over 100 different versions of the top web browsers. You don’t have to depend on a layout or theme stating that it’s fully responsive when you can actually check for yourself using this online tool. Browser Shots simulates browsers accessed through Linux, Windows, and Mac, including Firefox, Chrome, Konqueror, Safari, and more.

2. CSS Author

CSS Author is a website that compiles free design resources and makes them available to download. You can find Ruby frameworks, HTML forms, Reset style sheets, and even watermark tools on this diverse web design website.

3. Flat Icon

This extensive icon website is a great resource for designers. It contains almost half a million icons for use on your website and app design projects. You can even import these icons into a WordPress website if you have WordPress hosting. There are over 6000 icon packs available through Flat Icon.

4. 365PSD

This is a great resource for illustrations and Photoshop files to use on any commercial or personal website. 365PSD boasts an inventory of over 50,000 file files for download and an even bigger selection of premium content.

5. Codrops

Codrops is a web design blog that also discusses development issues. This online resource contains hundreds of informative posts teaching you the latest trends in design. You can learn animated loading screen creations and find navigation bar concepts to inspire your web design projects on this easy-to-use design blog.

6. Pixlr

Sometimes you need an online editor for images, due to lack of access to a desktop application or for quick and simple edits. Pixlr is the perfect tool for online editing. It has dozens of tools and functions you can use to blend, blur, and even remove red-eye effects. This online app is popular among designers due to its simplicity and comprehensive features.

7. HipChat

HipChat is a great resource for web designers, especially those working on teams or for corporations? It’s a conferencing and screen-sharing tool that lets you discuss your projects while showing coworkers the exact screens or images you’re describing. HipChat’s basic features are free to use, while a $2.00 monthly fee unlocks many additional features such as group video chat.

8. PicResize

If you need a quick way to resize photos then PicResize is for you. This quick and simple tool allows you to upload any photos from a local machine or import web images for instant resizing. Simply select the new dimensions and properties you want to convert your image to and download your new watermark-free, resized image.

9. 1001 Free Downloads

This is a great resource for web designers looking for royalty-free images and graphics to use on their websites. This search engine and database contains a thousand free PSD and vector image files, most in high-definition. You can also use the search box on this website to find fonts and typography for your website or blog.

10. FreePik

Vector images are invaluable to web designers. They offer the ability to have transparent backgrounds, and they’re scalable making them perfect for projects of any size. FreePik has thousands of vector images and PSD files for download for use in any design project.

11. Template Monster

If you plan to run a website through a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, you may want to start your design with a template or layout. Templates can be customized to fit your needs, saving you the work of designing your website from scratch. If you’ve acquired Joomla or WordPress hosting and need a template, check out Template Monster’s vast inventory of free and premium downloads.

12. Brands of the World

If you’re looking for inspiration for your branding or logo development, you should check out this great online resource. Brands of the World contains thousands of company logos to draw from, and even a database of downloadable vector images to get your own logo design off the ground.

13. Tuts Plus

This online resource is a great place to find tutorials for CSS, HTML5, and user-interface component projects. Tuts Plus breaks down its offerings into how-to guides, complete courses, and e-books. This website also contains priced premium content such as assets and Envato elements for download.

14. Favicon Generator

Due to the small dimensions that favicons are restricted to, they can be difficult to create. Favicons made in Photoshop often come out pixelated and blurry, subjecting you to dozens of edits. This free tool will help you design a favicon without the hassle of zooming in and out in Photoshop and working with pixelated images.

15. Web Designer Depot

This popular design blog is a great resource for web designers in 2017. The authors post free content daily to keep you informed about the latest standards and tools. This blog is filled with how-to style articles as well as editorial pieces describing the benefits of specific platforms and design applications.

These 15 best online resources for web designers will keep you up to date in the dynamic world of web design. Save time with automation tools and let design software work for you to get your projects done quicker and better.

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