20 cool sites for Typographic Inspiration – Part 1

Typography - Tips, Tricks and Standards to consider

The face is the image of the mind, and when it comes to a website, it is the design and layout of images and graphics. But is it all? Well, not really, and Typography says it aloud. Imagine a website conveying the designer’s mind just by fonts, its design, and its arrangement! Yes, fonts can do wonders.

Designers have used it effectively to reflect their creativity, and many have gone to combine their sense of color and context to come up with some stunning designs and layouts. I, too, love Typography, which plays a key role in every text-based design or product. The design inspires the viewer with the way you place the text, which describes the design or product and in turn, the product sells based on the type of marketing.

Not even a design or a product can say everything related to life like your handwriting, which can act as a signature that can impress and give you a damn good impression or describe your attitude. Even a brand logo like Microsoft, Dell, and other top organizations are well recognized with the type of font used in their logo, either it can be a PEPSI font and the font on other top brands, etc.

So, I thought of sharing my best sites on typography, which add another dimension to any of your products – which could be a website, product, logo, or something else.

The same links are now in my best Typography Links Directory:

  1. I Love Typography
  2. TypoGraphica
  3. AisleOne
  4. Swiss Legacy
  5. Type for you
  6. The Type Directors Club
  7. Typo Graphic Posters
  8. Grafik Cache
  9. House Industries
  10. Le Typo Graphe
  11. Typo Phile
  12. LeMonde
  13. FontFeed
  14. Velvetyne
  15. Tiypo
  16. AceJet170
  17. Thought for the week
  18. Par Renaud Huberlant
  19. TypeOff
  20. Slanted
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