5 Gadgets That Are Actually Available In India (Bet You’ve Never Heard Of Them)

Gadgets You've Never Heard Of Them In India

It might take some research to find the latest gadgets in India, but there are some out there that will not cost a fortune. Part of what makes gadgets cool is their short shelf life. There always will be a newer and better graphics card in six months.

If you have some disposable income, there are several techs and wearable gadgets available that are cool and can improve your quality of life. Some of the gadgets below are quite practical if you’re in the right field. And if you’re not using them next year, you won’t feel guilty.


Panasonic knows you need a wearable camera for adventure sports. Forget about distracting screens, the Panasonic HX-A1 wearable camera straps to your head, and lets you focus on your adventure. It’s also waterproof to 1.5 meters, so you can mount it to a kayak for whitewater rafting or road racing through the rain.

If you’re into cold-weather adventures, the HX-A1 can handle temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. It has Wi-Fi, USB and can accommodate a microSD card. You can take video at 1920×1080 and still images at 2.66 megapixels.

The device is aerodynamic, unlike rectangular devices such as the GoPro, according to Simon Crisp of Gizmag. As a bonus, the HX-A1 can shoot in total darkness with night mode.

If you can get the hang of the HX-A1 and do some real adventuring, your YouTube channel could bring in a lot of serious cash.

Garmin Vivofit 2

Break away from the crowd with a fitness monitor from Garmin. The Vivofit 2 not only monitors your calories, steps, distance, and time, it can connect with a heart rate monitor and wirelessly sync with other devices such as a smartphone.

You won’t have to plug it into a USB port on your laptop. You can send your data to Garmin Connect to map out your fitness progress. The Vivofit 2 has a backlight option and audible alerts. According to Samantha Murphy Kelly, the unit gets about one year of battery life off one charge.

Getting in shape and staying in shape is mostly about motivation. The Vivofit 2 can give you that motivation as a constant reminder around your wrist. It’ll be hard to ignore with the bright, LED screen.

Drones for home

The Quadrotor Drone is ready to fly and spy on your neighborhood. The unit is radio-controlled and has GPS for programmable navigation stored in onboard flash memory. The drone runs on a rechargeable battery. A variety of video cameras can be mounted on the unit. Owners can program the drone to hover and return to start. There even is an auto-landing mode.

No, the Quadrotor Drone cannot be armed with missiles, and it is not advised to fly it over any borders. The Indian military is still working on an unmanned combat aerial vehicle, according to The Diplomat.

Aerial reconnaissance of traffic and sporting events could be good uses for the Quadrotor Drone. Seriously, aerial photography is not that common, you might become very popular.

Eluga Icon

The new smartphone from Panasonic features a 720-pixel touchscreen, a 1.5 gigahertz processor, and 2 gigabytes of RAM, so lag time is cut down, and gaming is more enjoyable, according to Rohit KVN of International Business Times.

This Android phone comes with the KitKat 4.4 operating system. Storage can max out at 16 gigabytes with a microSD card. The main camera shoots at 13 megapixels, and the selfie camera shoots at 8 megapixels. The phone supports dual SIM, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

This mid-range cellphone is exclusively available on Amazon India. You could be the first on your block to own it, and you can say, “Look how much money I saved by not buying the new iPhone.”

Lenovo Xeon Laptop

A Xeon processor for a laptop is a rare thing. The new Lenovo P50 and P70 are based on Skylake microarchitecture, according to NDTV Gadgets. The P70 is the bigger of the two models with a 17-inch monitor, up to 64 gigabytes of RAM, and up to 1 terabyte of SSD storage, according to Lenovo.

These laptops are for serious video editing, but gamers also will appreciate the Nvidia Quadro graphics processors. Specs for these high-end laptops are well above those of MacBook Pros, but the prices are lower. The Lenovo laptops even include Pantone color calibrators, so for designers, what you see on your screen will be the same as the printed product.

These laptops are overkill for average users, at the current price points, but increased productivity might be worth it.


Being an early adopter can be fun except when you’re really just an underpaid beta tester. The gadgets listed above are from proven companies and are new entries to established product lines. You shouldn’t be downloading patches an hour after the unboxing.

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