Simple Ways to Make Your Website Look Beautiful

Hire A Website Design Company

Designing a beautiful website doesn’t require an advanced degree in web design. Most web hosting services offer a number of pre-designed templates that allow you to just key in some quick information, drop in a few photos from their archives (or just use the ones provided in the template) and you’re up and running.

You can also save money online using special discounts on such web hosting services offered by top retailers like Godaddy, HostGator & similar other stores through OZCodes; which can help you cut down the costs.

Consult a good web design company for those that want to add a more personal touch to their website, however, here are 5 simple tools you can use to create a beautiful and elegant website to perfectly match your individual design aesthetic.


Color sets the mood or tone of your site. A website for a day spa is most likely going to want to use a very different palette from a website for a tattoo parlor or CPA. Do some research about the effect certain colors have on people.

Remember, colors are one of the most important aspects of branding and you want to be sure that your website is reflecting not just the type of product or service you are selling, but drawing the kind of clients you want.

A mechanic that specializes in classic or “muscle” cars is going to want to use a very different color palette than a mechanic that specializes in foreign or luxury cars. When it comes to website design, pick two primary colors and complementary colors, and keep your scheme consistent throughout.

Hi-Res Images

Today’s digital images are works of art in and of themselves. There are a number of online services like Unsplash and Pixabay that provide entire libraries of beautiful, high-definition photos for use free of charge and without a subscription.

They do have some guidelines about how their photos can be used, but they are royalty-free. If you want to cover your bases and pay for your photos – or can’t find what you are looking for from those two sites, Shutterstock offers one of the largest selections at very reasonable prices.


Like colors, the right or wrong font can enhance or destroy the entire design of your site. Also like colors, different fonts convey different emotional meanings, from stern, businesslike, and no-nonsense, to fun, flirty, and playful. Get to know your fonts so you can find just the right one for you.

Background Textures

Background textures can be used behind text like wallpaper, rather than just having a plain color background. Be careful, however, that your texture doesn’t compete with your text. If you do a little bit of toying with the tools, you can usually find a tool that allows you to make the background more opaque, so the texture enhances the text rather than competing with it.

Rich Media

Graphics and illustrations not only enhance the design of your website but also help educate your clients and consumers. This is especially important for people who may not understand why your services are truly important or what kind of benefit they have – like chiropractors or personal trainers.

You can find a number of shareable graphics on websites or online publications within your industry, but you can also have your own personally designed for just a few dollars through services like Fiverr.

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