Few Ways Your Diet May Be Giving You Pimples

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Acne is a common dermal issue that nearly ten percent of the world’s population struggles to control, and nearly everyone experiences it at some point in their life.

It’s been less than ten years since scientists and medical professionals first began to uncover sure signs that a person’s diet could impact their skin health. The medical community is still discovering more about the connection every day.

One foundational truth has been proven; what you eat can directly affect your battle with unsightly acne breakouts. Fight your acne with education, and check out a few ways your diet may be giving you pimples.

Cow’s milk wasn’t an intended dietary staple.

Cow’s milk isn’t really the awesome, nourishing drink traditional marketing campaigns have made it out to be. In fact, the human body was not designed to consume milk for the whole of its life.

Much of the milk produced commercially today comes riddled with growth hormones and comes from pregnant cows. The mixture of hormones in the finished product causes an array of reactions in our bodies, and one of those is the inflammation of acne.

Foods with a high glycemic index

Not only are foods high in sugar bad for those struggling with acne, but more specifically, foods with a high glycemic index should be limited. Foods with a high glycemic index trigger insulin spikes, hormone fluctuations, and inflammation in both, which contribute to increased acne.

Foods such as bread, cookies, chips, white rice, and processed breakfast cereals are terrible for your body’s homeostasis. Try eating more low-glycemic foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Fast food has minimal dietary benefits.

There aren’t many positive aspects to most fast food meals, and they may even be a contributor to your acne problems. Not only do most fast food items contain loads of grease (which can cause heart troubles as well as inflame acne), but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything from a fast-food restaurant that isn’t riddled with a slew of other unhealthy components.

Chocolate isn’t a girl’s best friend.

Milk chocolate may be tantalizing to the tastebuds, but it isn’t the greatest deterrent for pimples. Excess intake of chocolate can cause your body’s chemical reactions that make it more difficult for your pores to self-cleanse and fight off unwanted bacteria.

Some good foods

If you’re looking for the rainbow after the storm of bad news, there are plenty of tasty foods you can enjoy that won’t contribute to your acne. Fresh fruits, veggies, yogurt, green teas, and fresh fish are all safe for your beauty regimen, and they will nourish your body in other ways as well.

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