7 Proven Content Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2018

Welcome to the technology year. As per the advance technology and search engine algorithm change, every industry marketer adapts the newest trend in content marketing to stay at the top and create strong brand awareness online.

There are lots of articles published every day and most of the gets clicked and share to different social platforms. But in the digital world, content marketing is constantly upgrading. These days we have seen the content of brand publishing, video tutorials and display advertising become most significant.

So what about content marketing in 2018? What are the prominent enterprises doing with content that will soon be more widely adopted?

Content Marketing Institute Says, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Before we dig in, let’s look at the facts and figure of content marketing in 2017.

According to PointVisible 89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers report they are using content marketing to increase leads and drive their brand forward.

Social Media Content Marketing Stats
Valuable Social Media Content Marketing Stats

So what are the content marketing trends for 2018?

The video is the Present and Future of marketing:

The video is the most popular marketing strategy and it was increasing at a drastic range in 2017 and is expected to be the darling of 2018. As per Hubspot Report approx. 48% of marketer share video on YouTube and Facebook for content marketing, and that ratio is not slowing down it’s growing constantly.

There are lots of tools and smartphones are available to create a professional video, now no need of installing high-resolution software or expensive SLRs to make a high-cost video. If you are interested to go for live video, then Facebook and Snapchat provide to create your own video.

Publish Unique Content to target people and needs:

Now it’s time to create your own content, based on your target audience. Content is critical, but don’t let content confuse you with your niche customer’s wants and needs. Majority of services and sales are depended on the trusted content and reviews. If your content reaches to the people’s requirements, then they will blindly trust on your brand. Relevant content make sense for both searchers and engines that interpret the topic as per searcher’s query.

Engage with Social Media:

Social media and content marketing may have seemed interchangeable, like muffins and cupcakes, but if the recipe is properly executed then the desired result will be wonderful. Content marketing on social media means to distribute and promote content via video, images, storytelling etc.

“Successful social media strategies build with solid content marketing processes”

Customize the content and distribute on each channel. Consider what messages are appropriate for each channel and create a message to resonate with the specific audience.

Use of Influencers on Demand

Content marketing via influencers is increasing rapidly to build your brand’s online presence in very short time. Today so many luxury brands like cosmetics use influencer marketing which is more authentic than advertising. To this end, nearly all brands looking to partner with individuals who have collective significant followings on social media. However, micro-influencers who have 10000+ followers help to distribute engaging and promotional content on their social networks at very low cost.

Whether influencer programs are successful for the long term is not yet clear, but the fact is, in 2018 more brands will search to partner with individuals to get their content deliver on strong social networks.

Invest in Long-term for Fruitful Result

Content marketing is a long-term strategy to generate a sustainable result and organic growth of your company. For that, you should continue publishing quality content. Short term strategy provides you the immediate result, but long-term tactics provide you consistent returns. Every long-term investment in content is a new asset for your business. However, continuously creating quality content will increase brand value and higher returns in the long-term.

Hyper-personalizing content

To stay on top in this competitive market, major cutting-edge brands need to produce thousands of quality content via post or video. Personalized content marketing is more relevant, niche targeted and better perceived than ‘regular marketing’.

According to JBH “Hyper-personalization could help you have more meaningful interactions with your potential customers – and it’s not as complicated as you think …”

Hyper-personalization is called the gold standard in marketing. In this evolving digital world, personalized marketing is the best tool to deliver highly relevant content marketing where data, targeting and messaging are aligned.

Final Thought

By focusing on these 7 content marketing strategy, you’ll be ahead of your Competitors by distributing the quality content to your target audience. Next, share that content as much as possible, then track results and identify the gaps, where you can make improvements. So stop focusing on content marketing to drive sales and start producing content that can fulfill the needs of your audience. Just follow this proven 7 marketing strategy, if you want your content marketing investments to truly work for your business.

Published by Deval Darji

Deval Darji is an industry expert and also a full-time Social Media Marketing Consultant at a Digital Marketing Agency. He has done some deep research in the field of Online Marketing.

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  1. Hey! Totally agree with these trends you summarized here! Video is for sure the present and the future of content marketing. Audiovisual is so powerful when it comes to transmit stories and, you know, it’s actually all about stories! In fact, we’d rather say that content marketing is becoming storytelling marketing. Stories are emotional, and that’s what really engages and creates strong bonds with the audience. Plus, high personalization and live content complement it perfectly so to reach the right audience and optimize the message. Actually, we go into more detail about it in the updated version of our infographic about content marketing trends and stats for 2018. I let you here the link: https://www.pointvisible.com/blog/content-marketing-2018-trends-and-statistics-final-call-for-boarding/ – just in case you’d like to know more about it! :)
    Thanks again, I really enjoyed the reading!

  2. The last point is so useful. I think generic content is good to get people to you but not enough reason for them to stick around.

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