8 Most Unique Gift Idea for Christmas 2018

Unique Gift Idea for Christmas

That time of the year is back again. You got it right! Christmas is back!!!

Everything becomes very exciting with the magical Christmas spirit. You will soon be enjoying the carols, romantic mistletoes, hanging the stocking, delicious eggnog, and lots of gifts.

Speaking of gifts, did you pick up Christmas gifts for your friend and family? If you are still thinking about some unique gift ideas, continue reading this writing piece about unique Christmas gifts.

Gifting is the most genuine way to express care and love for the person. Very few people spend time thinking about gifting. However, it is sure that you are not among them because you are reading this article to look for unique ideas for this year’s Christmas gifts.

So, without any more delay.

Let’s explore more!

1. Handmade Toys

Everybody has at least one kid on his/her Christmas gifting list. You might be having more, but for sure, there is a kid. So, what’s in your mind to surprise him/her? Please don’t get confused; this is how it starts. Toys are the first love of most kids and, you should be giving the same, however, with a special touch.

Nothing fascinates kids more than something special or one of a kind gift. Spend some time on online classes of toy making and create a special kind of toy for the kids. You can even take the help of custom toy-making stores like Build-a-bear to get your work done. This gift will definitely bring a huge smile to the kid’s face.

2. Plants

Green plants breathe fresh air in the present world, which is full of artificial beauty & plasticity. While everyone’s gifts will be kept here and there in the house, your plant will be spreading your memory around. Indeed, gifting a green plant can remind your friend to stay healthy and love nature.

There are several options to choose from. You can customize the gifting plant based on their category according to your recipient’s house and interest. You can buy indoor plants, bonsai, herbs patches, and many more from various plant choices that freshen up the environment.

3. Subscription Box

Now is something that is trending a lot this year. You can gift a subscription box to your friend or family members, depending on their interest, such as a fashion subscription box, beauty subscription box, and many more.

Various boxes can be customized according to your choices. Instead of giving a single gift item, you can give them a full box filled with surprises. You can call it a Christmas magic box to give it a more festive feel.

4. Books

What about the office colleagues? You are gifting them too. Good, then, because this idea is perfect for your office friends who seek knowledge from you and love sharing their knowledge in return. Pick a book based on their personality and surprise them this Christmas.

Don’t forget to bring one for your boss too. You will be amazed to find how books can tell a lot about the feeling you hold for the person. Gifts are intended to spread happiness, so, this time, spread happiness in a nerdy way.

5. Memory box

This idea is specifically for a close friend or family member. Earlier you read about how gifting is more about showing your love and care than expensive things. People close to you always deserve special attention than others. And if you are spending the time here to look for gift ideas, it is obvious that gifting is more than a formality for you.

A memory box filled with sweet photos and mementos is more than enough to help them recall all the past sweet memories. Also, you can make this box extra special by adding homemade gingerbread cookies.

6. Personalized Gift

Now comes your relatives and social friends who are good enough to grab a spot on your gifting list. It feels great to receive gifts, especially at Christmas time. Therefore, it is better not to disappoint anyone who is expecting a gift from you.

You don’t have to make many efforts here though you cannot be a scrooge too. Take the help of various online websites that offer personalized items like tees, mugs, photo frames, and many more. You can add unique messages and photos to make it more special.

7. An art piece

For your art lover friend, you have to take a little extra effort. Try to find a nice painting or art piece depicting the person’s interest. This is a thoughtful gift as all the artists are always in quest of motivation. You can use one such inspiration for your friend this Christmas.

8. Handwritten Note

Last but not least. Handwritten notes may sound old school to you, but it signifies your feeling the best possible way. Today, everybody is so busy with their life that nobody takes our time to acknowledge the bonding and relations with each other.

This Christmas, you can start a new ritual in your family or group to exchange thankful notes with others as a true gift of words and feelings. Your words might last for months, but your letters or notes will last for many years to come.

So, what do you say? How many letters will you be writing down this year? You can make it even better by using scented paper and emoticon stickers. Also, check out some DIY tricks to create a letter cover for your precious gift.

Isn’t the ideas amazing?

You will be amazed to see the reaction of the recipients of the gifts. All of the listed gifting ideas are thoughtful and heartfelt.

Gifts are important to show your friends and family that you remember them on your good days. Christmas is the opportunity to reconnect to people you lost touch with. Fill yourself up with the festive spirit and start creating your Merry Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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