Anwar Shaikh

Content Lead at Futurism Technologies, Inc.
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Anwar Shaikh works as Content Lead for Futurism Technologies Editor. Self-inspired writer/editor, Anwar loves to write about Cyber Security, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud, Business intelligence and all things enterprise technology. A Twitterati, he usually hangs out on Twitter tweeting about current trends and technology news regularly. His tweets are featured on BBC, CNN-News18 and many others. A writer at heart, Anwar loves to read and research about space, sci-fi, AI and probably anything that is futuristic and tech-driven.

8 Reasons Hospitals Shouldn’t Ignore IoT

The healthcare industry is embracing IoT technology and connected devices, including wearables and monitoring systems, to improve patient care and experience. From hospital asset tracking to smart medical devices, IoT is transforming the healthcare sector by streamlining workflows, providing real-time data, and enhancing diagnosis and treatment. Discover how IoT is changing the face of healthcare.

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