The role of Big Data in Digital Marketing: Is your business ready?

Benefits of using Big Data for Digital Marketing

Be it an industry leader or a startup that is trying to get a strong foothold, marketing undoubtedly is the lifeblood of a business irrespective of its size or vertical.

Your business may have an excellent product or service, but everything is pointless if your audience or prospective customers are unaware of the same. Worst case, it will drive your business toward disaster.

Importance of Big Data in Digital Marketing

We live in an age where everything is literally connected. Simply put, we live in a more highly connected world than ever with instant and quick access to everything that we need. Right from ordering that favorite pizza of yours to checking your bank balance, everything is just a few swipes away on our smartphones.

Now here comes the interesting aspect! Customers today are much smarter and tech-savvier than they were a decade ago. Yes, we are dealing with the smartest breed of customers than ever. This is why a company’s marketing game ought to be spot-on and most importantly, customer-oriented. A business ought to be innovative and captivating when it comes to putting across its message to the people out there.

Not long before the digital revolution took the business ecosystem by storm, marketing professionals all around the globe relied greatly on catchy ad taglines, TV ads, print media, billboards, and whatnot.

On the other hand, the digital revolution has led marketing professionals to catch up with changing times and marketing techniques, and thus, we have ‘digital marketing‘ to reach out to a massive number of people at the right time and with the right message in a much more effective manner.

Changing marketing roles and responsibilities:

The current responsibilities and workstation of a marketer are a lot different from what it was a few years ago. Yes, today you will see marketers, digital marketers to be specifically playing with numbers and statistics rather than billboards and print media. Long story short, they rely greatly on digital data for their marketing endeavors.

The digital revolution has unlocked literally oceans of data for marketers to help them enjoy intelligent insights and analytics for their marketing campaigns. Simply put, data is the new oil for marketing professionals, which brings us to the world of ‘Big Data’.

Here’s how big data is reshaping the digital marketing landscape as we see it today:

Top Uses for Big Data in Digital Marketing
Top Uses for Big Data in Digital Marketing – Source Quora

Before we delve into how big data is reimagining the digital marketing landscape, let us first understand what big data actually is:

Today, big data has turned out to be a core part of almost every digital marketer’s life. To define, big data is nothing but a pool of information/data, which when analyzed with the right set of tools and techniques helps to come up with informed and strategic business decisions. As a matter of fact, big data has been a turning point for literally tons of businesses in analyzing the preferences and behaviors of their customers.

Besides helping analyze historical trends, big data analytics also assists in envisioning the potential future behavior of many customers. Yes, predictive analytics garnered with the help of big data analysis has become a trending thing in the business ecosystem these days and digital marketing is no exception.

So what does it (Big Data) has in store for digital marketing?

It gives a competitive edge to digital marketers

Big data is proving to be a boon for digital marketers when it comes to analyzing and identifying the success rates of past marketing campaigns. Since the digital marketing landscape has evolved beyond one’s imagination in the last few years, there is a steep rise in the number of organizations embracing the trend.

Millions of ads are being thrown at internet users every sixty seconds. This is the reason it is imperative for a brand or business to stand out today. Your advertising or marketing campaign ought to grab eyeballs. This is where big data comes to your rescue.

Yes, big data is greatly helping digital marketers streamline their advertising campaigns and target their audience effectively, who end up responding to their messages, which is every marketer’s bottom line or dream. This is how big data is helping businesses get the most out of their digital marketing investment.

It makes personalization a lot easier

One of the most prominent benefits of big data in the world of digital marketing is that it helps a business tame its marketing spending. Apart from the immaculate ability to engage a sea of people, big data works great when it comes to devising personalized marketing campaigns.

big data and huge data sets
Big Data is associated with storing and analyzing huge data sets to support a superior level of decision-making that drives the following – Source

As we know, a digital marketer’s armor is incomplete without CRM software. Yes, CRM systems have been serving as the perfect sidekick for digital marketers. Now you must be thinking as to what’s the relation between CRM, big data, and digital marketing.

Since big data is a pool of data and CRM software is the perfect tool to process and leverage this gigantic data, which is humanly impossible. Marketing professionals are leveraging CRM software to process big data and identify showstoppers, identify customer behaviors, preferences, interests, and various other metrics to help engage with them at the right time and with the right tone. Eureka! Personalized marketing achieves a new level.

E-commerce websites are the perfect examples here. These sites process monstrous volumes of data to garner information through registration forms in order to receive a detailed insight into a customer’s buying preferences, social media behaviors, interests, etc. Now, this helps them come up with highly personalized marketing ideas that would appeal to their audiences.

This is why social CRM software solutions have gained decent traction in the past few years among digital marketers. Social CRM software is a righteous tool in the armor of a digital marketer to not only track but also to analyze social media footprints and behaviors of both existing as well as future customers.

It paves way for data-driven marketing

Harnessing historical data in an intelligent and sharp way is key to planning for future marketing decisions. Big data makes it easy for digital marketers to indulge in data-driven marketing. With all the intelligent and actionable insights received through feedback, forms, surveys, etc., digital marketers position themselves in a much better place when it comes to devising targeted marketing campaigns and activities for the future.

Now, this is quite important for an organization that ought to evaluate its offerings on a regular basis, since it helps them tweak and update its offering/marketing tactic in order to deliver optimum customer experience.

Hotels and restaurants are great examples here. Yes, they can leverage actionable insights from a customer’s order details/information to identify a trend or pattern and can accordingly come up with personalized and special meal offers that would appeal to them.


The key to unlocking the potential of big data is ‘visualization’, which triggers the need to arm digital marketers with a robust and advanced data visualization tool and CRM software is one such tool that could be the perfect pick-me-up here.

For instance, a CRM system can be of great help for a digital marketer to seep through tons of customer data such as contacts, demography, preferences, interests, purchase history, etc. Yes, CRM software sits at the heart when it comes to getting the most out of big data for your digital marketing efforts.

Customer relationship management software is proving to be of great help for digital marketers to process and interpret data in a much quick and more effective way. To conclude, big data analytics puts digital marketing professionals in a much better place to respond to and embrace the changing market and customer demands.

What’s your go-to digital marketing strategy?

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Big data digital marketing analysis for your business
Advantages of Big data digital marketing for your business.

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