Fabiha Siddiqui

Freelance Writer
WittySparks Staff

A freelance writer, an Entrepreneur, Fashion & Model mentor, Events & Multimedia Specialist defines me as a whole. Apart from writing/blogging as my passion, I hold a decade of experience in the fashion & event industry. I also love playing around with all the graphic software; Photoshop & 3d max is my favorite. Work is like a drug that keeps me going, and I dearly enjoy my minor contributions to my dedicated arenas.

VR and AR: Changing the Course of Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augment Reality (AR) are no more just used in video games and mobile apps. These technologies are transforming the world and set out to do much more in future, including the process of human learning.

Gaming Laptops: Buying Guidelines

Gaming laptops are popular among online gamers, but it might surprise you to learn that they are equally popular among the non-gamers due to various reasons, such as speed, ease of use, high quality, longevity, etc.

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