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Getting your passport “Re-Issued” in Tatkal at Hyderabad?

So ya, my passport was about to expire and given my “situation” I needed to get the passport “re-issued” in Tatkal. Yes, it is not a “renew” but called a re-issue if you have an expiring/expired passport and plan to get a new passport. I researched all over the net trying to find information on

The Lost Symbol – By Dan Brown – Book Review

The long-awaited Dan Brown’s latest novel is here. It was released on 15th September and I eagerly laid my hands on it. The Lost Symbol seemed interesting right from page 1. The very first line starts with titillating the readers making them inquisitive on what the book is all about.

How to tackle Hyderabad Traffic? – Part I

I figured I should share my golden knowledge base with everyone. Driving in Hyderabad can be a horrendous experience if you are new to the city and not aware of how traffic works here.

Oscars and A R Rahman

Oscars have never required any introduction and this time it’s a big deal mainly for the Indians. Slumdog Millionaire has bagged 10 nominations (wow!!) with A R Rahman getting record three prestigious nominations.

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