The Lost Symbol – By Dan Brown – Book Review

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The long-awaited Dan Brown’s latest novel is here. It was released on 15th September and I eagerly laid my hands on it. The Lost Symbol seemed interesting right from page 1. The very first line starts with titillating the readers making them inquisitive on what the book is all about.

The Lost Symbol as expected is similar to his previous books, it’s about symbols, crypts, the hidden secrets inside these symbols, and how he solves the interwind and entangled maze within them.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

In addition, this time he has explored the field of noetic sciences, a science about intuitive consciousness that researches whether the human mind has the ability to affect physical things. It is about finding powers within the human mind and soul and how/if they can affect things in the physical world in various ways.

The plot is set in Washington, D.C. with our old protagonist Robert Langdon’s dearest friend Peter Solomon being kidnapped by a lunatic, who wants Robert to open up ancient mysteries for him. Robert is still contemplating how to save his friend from this maniac when intrudes the CIA informing him this was not just about his friend but it’s a matter of national security as well.

What is this issue about national security? Who is this demented guy and why has he kidnapped Peter Solomon? What ancient mysteries does he want Robert to reveal when Robert himself doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on? And how is neotic science related to this entire maze? Above all, What is The Lost Symbol? These are the questions answered in The Lost Symbol.

Lost Symbol is fast-paced, pulse racing, engrossing, and a rapid page-flipper thriller that makes you want to read and read until you get to the bottom of the plot. It’s informative, thoroughly researched and the plot is inter-connected with real-life places, buildings, symbols which Dan Brown is a rare jewel in building one. Does it also explore the age-old arguments about whether God exists? what happens after death, is there such a thing called a soul? etc.

Overall, it’s a good read with only one complaint. I would have expected a better ending. It makes me wonder what was going on in Dan Brown’s mind when he wrote the ending. It could have been much much better considering his previous works. Would give a 9/10 rating for the entire book and 5/10 for the ending. And ya, do watch out for the penultimate twist, it will blow your mind off, shake you to the core, and comes so much out of the blue that it makes you think aloud “What the heck was that!!”. Hope you enjoy the read :-)

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