How to Avoid An Untrustworthy Social Media Provider?

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It is actually annoying to see an individual and business falling for an unreliable strategy when they thought that they are paying for high-quality services. Due to social media’s popularity and effectiveness, untrustworthy social media providers are everywhere.

But despite this fact, there are still a number of providers or agencies that can offer you reliable and high-quality social media services like Crovu.

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So, are you afraid that you may possibly end up with an untrustworthy provider?

If yes, then read on because, in today’s post, we compiled 4 top tips to aid you to avoid an untrustworthy social media provider.

Tips on How to Avoid Untrustworthy Social Media Providers

1. Duplicated and low-quality content

These days, it is usual to see posts from different pages that contain the same content, and sometimes they are being posted at the same time. Keep in mind that this scenario will not offer you the best results since the content is not unique and has been posted before.

On the other hand, this strategy will make your business look like it does not care about its clients. What’s more, it will offer zero relevance.

Thus, if you notice duplicated and low-quality content, make sure not to deal with the service provider. In fact, it is one of the warning signs that you’re dealing with an untrustworthy one.

2. Lack of Accurate Results

You might believe that possessing huge numbers of followers or likes is an indication of effective social media profiles. In actual fact, we have already seen many profiles and pages that have a big audience which isn’t obtaining the accurate outcomes they need.

Even so, there are lots of social media metrics used by social media providers these days, but, the most effective ones should offer a solution to these questions:

  • Are you dealing with your target customers?
  • Are you getting your target customer?
  • How many of your followers are asking about the services and products that you are offering?

If you’re a prospecting provider, seems like can’t offer accurate results, then it is best for you to look for another one.

3. No reporting or tracking

If you do not have any idea where you have been, obviously you will never know where you are going.

So to avoid dealing with an untrustworthy social media provider, make sure that you insist on regular reports and updates of your business’s progress as well as a rough draft of your social media highlights.

4. Too much importance on growing followers and likes

If your chosen provider begins to talk about attracting big numbers of followers on Twitter and Instagram and likes on Facebook, immediately stop them, and start asking the following questions:

Some social media service providers may possibly try to trick you with huge numbers but an insignificant engaged and switched audience provides you more value compared to a horde of followers or fans from the outer facet of your market area.


Bear in mind that the main intention of untrustworthy service providers is to exploit social media’s popularity for their own benefit. Nevertheless, by simply considering the information above, rest assured that you’ll end up with a trusted one.

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