5 Steps to Getting the Right Social Media Advertising Agency

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Agency

Just as there are so many businesses on social media platforms, so are social media agencies; both genuine and counterfeits. This is where you need to be careful about which agency becomes your social media advertiser.

Others don’t have any clue of what is expected and they will use your money and brand to train themselves. It is unnecessary to make such mistakes while you have the determinants of a good social media agency and the process of getting such an agency. Let’s get started!

Steps to Coming up with the Right Social Media Agency

Marketing is a major pillar of your business and delivering it to the wrong advertising agency will mean the commencement of your downfall. You will end up spending a lot of funds and eventually end up in the middle of nowhere.

Here are some steps that can enable you to come up with the right social media agency you need:

1. Have well-defined expectations and needs that you need to be fulfilled

If you don’t view this agency as part of your team, that will be the beginning of your failure. This is where you consider the period of time you need the agency, the amount you are willing to commit, and the available and unavailable skills in your business. In this step work out the following:

  • Your marketing requirements
  • Be clear about the objective of your marketing
  • Define an open and transparent relationship which is long term
  • Come up with the agency type you need
  • Have a clear understanding of the nature of your relationship

2. Come up with an agency that has a clear understanding of your needs

A great advertising agency should know and have tangible experience in your field. You can consider:

  • The effectiveness of their site
  • Their portfolio and niche
  • Their competency and abilities
  • Their testimonials and reviews
  • Their certifications and content
  • Location and Coverage

3. Carry out research

Now that you know which social media agency to land on and its location, you can carry out research. A digital advertising agency like Summon Digital London can be a good agent to carry out your research on. With their 12 years of experience, they can have all that you are looking for.

4. Request for Proposal from the agent and give them an audit

Now you can share about yourself with the potential advertising agency. Your RFP should contain your contacts, the background of your business, your objectives, goals, vision, budget, your target customers and their details, and your expected response time for them. You can also test their marketing capabilities through an audit report.

5. Evaluate their feedback and arrange for a meeting with them

This will help you understand the team, their experience, level of passion, code of ethics, capabilities, technology, marketing strategy, references, weaknesses, expertise, response time, pricing model, budget, commencement date, expected ROI, and when to sign the contract among other things.


When signing the agreement, it is advisable not to be involved in restrictive contracts and never sign a contract that just quotes a fee without showing you what to deliver. Summon Digital London believes in transparency, dedication, hard work, and commitment to educating their clients. They can help you deliver results for your business if you’re based in London.

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