The Beginners’ Guide to VPN Services

VPN Services

The increase in online insecurity has made VPNs more popular. Even though not many people consider using them, they have an idea of what a VPN is. This post takes a look at the main facts you need to understand about VPNs and strives to help you understand why you should consider getting one.

What is a VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is basically a group of computers that are connected through a public network: Internet. businesses use the VPN to securely connect to data centers, individuals use the network to access network resources when not physically on the same Local Area Network (LAN) and so on.

To connect to a VPN, you will be launching a VPN client installed on your computer then login. Your computer will then exchange trusted keys with the remote server. Once verified, your entire Internet connection will be encrypted and secured from any form of eavesdropping.

The important point to understand about VPN is that it works by securing your Internet connection so as to guarantee the data being sent and received is encrypted and safe from eavesdropping.

Why you should have VPN!

Secure network resources

Using public Wi-Fi can be risky. This is because hackers can easily have access to your ID and exploit your device. What is more is that your activities are easy to see and eavesdropping is easy. A VPN will ensure that your network resources are secured. The reason for this is that the data sent from your device and being received by your device will be encrypted.

Change your IP location

Did you know that with a VPN you can change where your IP seems to originate from? For example, if you are in South Africa, you can connect with a server in the UK so that your IP seems to be in the UK. That way, you will be able to access content restricted to IPs in the UK while you are in South Africa. All you need is to find a provider that offers a good VPN comparison site service.


VPNs allow you to browse the web anonymously. It is better than hiding IP software or the web proxies. VPN will help access web applications and websites anonymously.

Bypass filters

A VPN will help access a website that has been blocked by your ISP. It bypasses the Internet filters. This is why VPNs are more popular in countries that have Internet censorships.

The key reason why people use VPNs is to enjoy the enhanced security. Nobody, including your ISP, will be able to monitor your online activities.

Choosing a VPN

The one point you must never forget is that VPN service providers are not the same. Some offer better services than others. The things you need to consider when deciding on the service provider to use include:

  • Their protocol
  • Corporate and exit locations
  • Logging
  • Anti-malware/ anti-spyware features
  • Mobile apps availability
  • Cost

There are so many VPN service providers out there. Make sure you consider what different providers have to offer prior to making your choice.

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