Best VPN for Mac 2018: Reviews and Buying Advice

Dangers to your Online Privacy

When you browse the web, your traffic has to pass through your ISP’s servers before reaching the website you intended to visit. Wherever your online traffic goes and whichever routes it takes can be monitored by your Internet Service Provider. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that this data is often stored and shared with third-parties.

In 2012, the famous whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, leaked confidential CIA and FBI information to the public. It was revealed that both these agencies, as well as countless other intelligence organizations employ secret and illegal ways to hack into user devices and monitor whatever they do online. Some even go so far as to spy through webcam devices and keep their eyes on whatever is happening on your side of the screen.

Spying on web traffic is very common among surveillance agencies. But these agencies aren’t the only ones having fun at the expense of people’s privacy. Marketing agencies are also known to monitor online habits of web surfers so they can extract human behavior that would help them market their products. Through surveillance, they are able to create personalized ads for every user that would help them increase their number of sales.

Why Web Security is Necessary?

This is not all. While online privacy continues to be abused by multiple agencies, our online security is also at a risk. What happens when you go outdoors and connect to a public Wi-Fi network? These networks are mediums through which you can get hacked by a cybercriminal. Even if the network is from a trustworthy source, it’s not difficult for hackers to hack into the network and spy on whatever you’re doing online.

It is also dangerous to click on malicious links while you’re surfing on the web. These links can be found in click-bait forms on the web. They can hit your timeline while you’re shopping online. Or you may receive an email which may contain malicious links so the hacker can hack into your device and steal your private data.

How a VPN Helps?

Considering all these scenarios, it is necessary for you to maintain your online privacy and security. And this can only be done if you plan to buy VPN and start using a VPN service.

A VPN provides you additional security and privacy when you browse online. It provides you encrypted tunneling protocols that secure you from all kinds of external threats.

VPN companies host hundreds of servers, each equipped with the best online security and privacy features. Whenever you connect with a server, your IP address changes from your own location to the one where the VPN server is located. This guarantees additional anonymity while you are surfing online.

The encrypted tunnels that come with a VPN service help you avoid hacking attempts when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. VPN servers are also equipped with the right tools so you can avoid malware or spyware if you mistakenly click on a malicious link.

More Benefits of a VPN

Another major use case of a VPN service is that it allows you to stream your favorite content from anywhere. As mentioned above, VPNs have servers in many different locations across the globe. Connecting to any of these servers changes your IP location to that particular place. Because websites use your IP address to determine your physical location, changing your IP address allows you to bypass any online censorships in your country.

It also helps you avoid geo-blockages via the same method. Streaming websites have the habit of restricting access to their service in different countries. This is done to respect geo-licenses that these streaming services purchase from different studios. By changing your IP address, you can appear to be a citizen of another city, and therefore get access to any content available in that location.

Best VPN for Mac 2018

VPN is definitely the best tool for online security, privacy and digital freedom. There are several use-cases of using a VPN. Right now, there are dozens of VPN services available on the web. Not every service is worth buying if you’re looking for a VPN service for your Mac device.

Mac is already considered one of the most secure devices. Unlike Windows, it is generally difficult to hack inside a Mac device. But when it comes to online security, it becomes a different matter altogether.

To keep yourself self while you’re browsing on your Mac device, you’ll have to subscribe to a good VPN service. Not every VPN service is compatible with Mac. Some don’t even have apps for this Operating Platform. Others do not provide a proper fusion of both online security and digital freedom.

When choosing the best VPN for Mac, we’d always recommend PureVPN. We’ve reviewed this VPN service and can safely state that it is the best that you’ll find for the Mac platform.

PureVPN is renowned for providing users with the best online security and privacy features. The service offers online encryption to protect your web traffic. The service has 2,000+ servers in over 140 countries, making it the largest VPN server networks in the world. This guarantees the best online freedom that you can get. You can also access popular streaming services like Netflix US, and Hulu with ease. PureVPN provides its users with the fastest VPN speeds so you can avoid buffering whenever you stream anything online.

If you want to subscribe to PureVPN, then now would be the best time to get your subscription. The service is offering the best deals thanks to the Holiday season. The VPN provider is offering a whopping 73% off on its yearly plan. So what are you waiting for? Get your PureVPN plan now and ensure your security and privacy on the web.

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  1. Very important points mentioned in the article. People should care about their cybersecurity, especially while using public wifis. In this case, I believe NordVPN is the best if you need a VPN mainly for security reasons. Features like Double VPN or Tor-over-VPN makes sure your data is safe and encrypted.

  2. I must say that nordvpn works fine with my mac, I never tried purevpn, but since I went through a bunch of technology websites I saw that nord receives a better reviews

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