Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is one of the most legitimate ways of increasing your income. The good thing about Affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require anything more than your existing content publication sources and needs one-time effort to configure affiliation for one product.

For now, only websites are supporting full-fledged affiliate marketing. Mobile app development companies are still struggling to get into mainstream affiliate marketing due to challenges, such as full-fledged functionalities, inadequate measures to direct traffic to app, mass adoption etc.

At present, there are many websites that offer affiliate marketing programs. But before going for just any about any website offering affiliate marketing, there are certain factors that you have to consider, such as percentage commission, your niche or product, sales volume, and more.

Considering these factors, we have compiled a

list of best websites and networks that offer affiliate marketing opportunities.

Check them out, define your need and get on with it:


Anyone who is into affiliate marketing must have heard of Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

Reason – It is world’s largest and most successful affiliate program because it has millions of products in its e-commerce inventory. Anyone from any type of niche can find and start selling their product through Amazon Affiliate Program. Recently, Amazon has opened its affiliate programs for Android app developers, so that they can sell digital products through their tech blogs or websites.

One thing to be noted here is that, even though the commission rates of Amazon are low – somewhere around 4% – the sales volume of Amazon are huge, which means your affiliate link will always attract more number of buyers compared to any other platform.


ClickBank has a distinct image among the biggest affiliate marketers as it also offers exclusive deals that drive more traffic. And believe it not, ClickBank offers up to an incredible 75% commission on products. Not only that, it also allows you to setup joint venture deals and payments, which enable you to work and split share with other affiliate marketers.


One of the fastest growing affiliate programs provider in US, AvantLink has a long list of merchants offering varying commission rates, with some even giving away 25% commission on sales. Also, just like Amazon, the merchants on the list are from all types of categories, allowing anyone from any field to use their programs.

eBay Partner Network

eBay is another renowned e-commerce giant that sells a variety of products. Here as well, you can find products according to your website or blog. Another advantage you have with eBay is that other than product advertisement, you can also earn by getting people to register for eBay Partner Network, where you get $30 on average. With eBay Affiliate Marketing, you can earn up to 12% commission on products.


One of the top five e-commerce companies that offers affiliate marketing as well, Rakuten also has a big inventory of products and almost $20 million customers. Rakuten allows you to use deep linking feature, which is basically a niche-specific or customer-specific way of linking your content across the internet, directing more traffic to your website.

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