Important WordPress Affiliate Plugins, Must For An Affiliate Marketer!

For affiliate marketer, WordPress is a real godsend. Being a flexible blogging and CMS platform, it attracts to almost every new affiliate marketer. Setting up a blog on WordPress is a simple process that does not require you to be from the technical background.

And it is a reason, every marketer gives preference to this platform whenever they look for ideal solution for affiliate marketing. As a CMS, it is a perfect platform because of its easily customizable WordPress plugins. There are several WordPress affiliate plugins that marketers can use to earn great profit from their blog. Money making becomes actually easier by implementing WordPress affiliate plugins to a blog or site and it is a reason behind increasing demand affiliate plugins among professional affiliate marketers.

Though the advantages of using affiliate plugins are clear, yet it is yet to find what those plugins which can actually benefit affiliate marketers are. Here, we are introducing few important WordPress affiliate plugins that every marketer must use for earning the maximum revenue out of his or her blog.

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links WordPress Plugin
Amazon Auto Links WordPress Plugin

It is a simple yet impressive plugin for affiliate marketing to be conducted on Amazon platform. This plugin can easily be installed on a blog and you won’t face any issue in configuring it. The plugin provides an advantage to connect your products available on Amazon without even using the affiliate Amazon website. Moreover, it also allows one to display Amazon products to a blog by different category. The process of installing and using this plugin is very simple and it comes as paid and free version.

Pretty Link

Pretty Link WordPress Plugin
Pretty Link WordPress Plugin

It is actually a highly useful and requisite affiliate plugin for WordPress blogs and websites. It helps one to create shorter affiliate link and enables one to hide various affiliate links coming from visitors. It comes as free and pro version. For start-up blog, you can use the free version and on seeing benefits, you can move for paid version. The plugin converts the affiliate link so amazingly that it resembles as a link of your blog. Moreover, you can create no follow affiliate links using Pretty Link plugin.

Duplicator Affiliate Plugin

Duplicator Affiliate WordPress Plugin
Duplicator Affiliate WordPress Plugin

In famous WordPress affiliate plugins, Duplicator refers as the best plugin for those who are looking for ways to create several affiliate blogs in small period. Basically, it helps marketers to create duplicate copy of their blog in a fraction of a minute and thus, it cuts out the time of creating a blog again and again. So, normally while installing the WordPress blog for the first time, you would require to customize the blog by creating menu, changing theme and installing plugins etc, but with duplicator, you don’t have to struggle with all this process.

Pinterest Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Pinterest Affiliate WordPress Plugin
Pinterest Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Pinterest affiliate plugin is useful if you use Pinterest for your marketing campaign. Basically, Pinterest is a famous social networking platform that plays a vital role in affiliate marketing. By adding Pinterest affiliate plugin to your blog, you can smartly turn the online traffic of Pinterst towards your blog. Just ping the blog picture to this platform and see how quickly the traffic reaches your site.

Plugin Performance Profiler Affiliate Plugin – P3

Plugin Performance Profiler Affiliate Plugin
Plugin Performance Profiler Affiliate WordPress Plugin

P3 is another famous and critical WordPress affiliate plugin that several marketers love to install in their blogs. There are countless reasons to use this plugin as it enhances the performance of a blog. There are several useful plugins that bring some unexpected drawbacks to a blog which we are totally unaware of. P3 helps removing such plugins and thus, boost up the load time of a blog. So, just have P3 in your blog and use it as the plugin scanner.

SEO By Yoast

SEO By Yoast Plugin
SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin

WordPress SEO is one of the important SEO plugin for WordPress blog/site. If you want to a huge amount of traffic from a search engine then you should install and use this plugin for your blog. Using this plugin you can easily insert Meta Description, Focusing Keywords to your blog page or post which is really important for SEO. You can also create a robots.txt file for your blog using this plugin.

Now Your Turn

Want make more money from your blog with affiliate marketing? If yes, then you can use all of the above WordPress plugins for Affiliate Marketing Blog to monetize your blog easily. There are also many more plugins which are helpful for an affiliate marketing blog, but I think these are very important.

So if I make any mistake to select must have plugins for an affiliate marketing blog then let me know by commenting below.

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