Choosing the Best Life Insurance without Medical Exams

Family life insurance policy

Have you been searching for the perfect policy of life insurance without medical exams? If you’ve started the shopping process, you already know that there are plenty of companies who want to offer what might seem at first glance like a strong package.

But, to be sure to find the answer to the question “What is the best life insurance policy for me?” we have to explore all options.

The first step is to find a trusted insurance provider and to secure a quote for no exam whole life insurance. With an actual quote that you can receive from companies like in a few short minutes, you’re able to evaluate the offer of the company and whether it fits your goals and budget.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that you should consider about these policies in general that make them a unique offering with a few downsides.

The primary thing to know is that whatever marketing you read or articles you examine, your rate, offer, or quote will be unique to you. The market varies immensely in their approach to offering no exam whole life insurance, and they will make offers based on your answers to important questions.

For example, they may have an interest in your:

  • background, 
  • lifestyle, 
  • former conditions, 
  • recent hospitalizations, 
  • height, 
  • weight, 
  • and more.

Still, with some companies, you can customize your quote by choosing from among tiers and plan sizes.

You should know that you will receive quotes only if you choose to answer these personal questions in the absence of medical records to reference. The insurer is able to ask these questions to mitigate risk, but it shouldn’t be too much of an interference with your rate of approval.

Nevertheless, there is a real consequence to these questions, and they help decide if an insurer will give you that approval. In addition, your answers will affect rates you may have seen advertised. Payouts will change too.

That is, the choice of the insurer should be your first concern because the insurer sets their own rates and payouts to compete in a crowded market, giving you an advantage. One company that tries to accommodate policyholders with the best rates and payout amounts is from which we draw the examples of the best life insurance without physical exams below. Weigh them against other quotes you’ve seen.

Setting Goals for Life Insurance without Medical Exams First

Before you proceed to choose your ideal life insurance policy, explore your specific goals for the insurance package so you have clear and objective criteria for evaluating quotes. You may want to write down who your beneficiaries are, what they will receive, the rates you are willing to pay, and requirements you can satisfy.

Then, make a list of insurers such as Sproutt that you will consider for a quote. Cross them off as you collect the right information. The goals you laid out will help you take a careful, calculated approach to choose the best life insurance for your life since they vary widely.

That’s why we’ve prepared example quotes for your evaluation in the next section. Let them help you realize what rates you should expect for life insurance without medical exams.

Reviewing Quotes for Life Insurance without Medical Exams

The market rates in this section come from, and they are average rates such companies might offer. Since they are highly competitive and modestly priced, you can see that many insurance companies need to do much better at being generous with customers. You’ll also get access to be able to complete their simple survey for getting a life insurance quote.

Smartest Cost

Shoppers who want insurance as cheaply and quickly as is possible with the greatest payout often choose the simplest option from Sproutt. You would pay just $60 per month with a potential payout amount in the $250,000 range.

Robust Coverage

If those amounts leave you room in your budget and don’t match your coverage goals, you can also choose to secure a payout of $500,000 for the price of $100 per month.

Greatest Payout

Finally, the most impressive package from Sproutt comes with a $750,000 payout amount for beneficiaries at the reasonable cost of $150 for a plan without a medical exam requirement.

Select No Exam Whole Life Insurance

You see that rates and plans can change considerably to meet almost any goal and budget. Remember to get a quote before you believe any claims that an insurer has the best rates or payout amounts for the category. Now, you can shop with insight about what insurers who are best should be offering, so receive your own quick quote from Sproutt.

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