3 Musical Videos of All Times That Nobody Should Miss

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Everything gets stale and dull with time. But there are some music videos that have passed the test of time. These videos have always been popular and admired by people. These gems like groundbreaking visuals and timeless music make your life full of enjoyment and pleasure.

There are some of the best, evergreen, and most stunning music videos out there that you should not miss. Have a look at the list below and make sure that you watch them and download them for a next-level experience.

Here is the list of best music videos ever.

1. Nine Inch Nails, Closer

Director Mark Romanek, who has been behind some of the most spectacular and cherished videos of the last 25 years (“Criminal” Fiona Apple’s and Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” amidst others), set a high bar for melancholy imagery with this 1994 video.

By planting Trent Reznor into that of a David Lynch steampunk S&M dungeon and allowing the things to get stranger from there, Romanek gave birth to ineffaceable creations including a paralytic, levitating Reznor; a machine-powered heart blowing smoke to the song’s beat, and a crucified monkey.

Much of this didn’t go well with the censors’ manifold frames being replaced with “scene missing” title cards to unstiffen the video for regular broadcast. But again, if you watch this video today, you might get some of the most pleasurable and enjoyable minutes of your life.

2. Michael Jackson, Thriller

This Thriller video was iconic from the moment it was released in the December of, 1983, and stays profoundly powerful and supremely audacious, even to contemporary hearts.

Burnishing its pedigree with affectionate allusions to seminal horror movies: Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and director John Landis’s own then-hit An American Werewolf in London, Jackson’s this thirteen-minute musical chiller composition blends creepy authenticity with campy fun to an amazingly successful degree. If you haven’t watched this video, you surely are missing out 13 minutes long magic.

3. Kanye West, Runaway

This short-film music video, which adds a magnificent visual narrative to Ye’s nearly universally- acclaimed masterwork, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is perhaps the most ambitious demo of the artist’s cosmic vision.

In the movie, Kanye strikes up a strange romance with a phoenix that crashes to earth as a huge flaming meteorite, featuring images of circus fireworks, interpretive ballet dancers backing, a giant bust of Michael Jackson, and profligate ballroom dinner party, and more.

It’s awe-inspiring, it is absolutely high-drama, it’s stunning, and most of all and it has an emotional sense of heart that is as overgenerous and ostentatious as the artist: a prime appearance of what makes him so charming.

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Thus, you should have these musical videos on your to-do list for now. Go ahead and watch them for a pure delectable and supreme musical experience.

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