Best Cloud Backup Services for Startups

Cloud Storage and Backup Services

Often small business owners struggle to fit into the new space, particularly when it comes to matters of embracing technology and operating in the digital space like cloud backup services. There is a certain tension regarding how they will thrive in a very competitive space.

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The issue mostly lies in procuring digital products, tools, and services that will better their online experience. Can a startup find the best solutions for more of its digital concerns?

When it comes to cloud backup, every business owner deserves a cloud solution that can cater to their data needs. The good news is that developers are continuously coming up with solutions that could befit the different market needs.

That said, here are some of the best cloud backup services you can employ as a startup:


Dropbox - Cloud Storage Services
Dropbox – Cloud Storage Services

If you are one small business owner looking for a popular cloud service provider that will complement offering MYSQL backup, consider Dropbox. The best part of this tool is that it has Office 365 integration. Further, it is suitable for startups because it comes with two different business plans that the business owners can choose depending on their needs and budget for data storage.

The first one is a standard version that offers 2TB of storage for $12.50, which is a monthly subscription. Further, the version allows for simple sharing and collaboration features, which makes it user-friendly to use.

The second is a version that grants unlimited space for $20 per month; with this service, you have advanced features and a very powerful set of administrative tools. However, you do not have to start with the second plan as a startup. Before your data growth needs can escalate to demand more storage, the standard version should serve you a long way.


Mega - The Privacy Company - Cloud Storage Services
Mega – The Privacy Company – Cloud Storage Services

Since funding for startups can be challenging, most business owners of the sort do not want to get involved in more activities that demand more money. This is what makes the MEGA cloud backup service suitable for small businesses.

The cloud service is among the best free cloud storage services in the market. As a startup, you do not have so many data needs because you have not yet built up on generating data in the forms of sales figures, financial documents, and marketing assets, among others.

The MEGA cloud storage offers a range of services, which makes it a more attractive solution, other than having a free plan with adequate space for starters. For one, it allows Global access through all major browsers, desktops, and mobile devices, which is excellent news for all companies, leave alone start-ups. Other than that, you are entitled to enjoy live encrypted backup, along with real-time collaboration that is very secure.

However, once you feel like you need a scalable plan, you can still upgrade to a larger space from 200GB to 8TB. The best part is that all that is available for users is $25 each month, which makes it a relatively inexpensive option for new business owners.

IDrive Business

IDrive - Cloud Backup and Storage Services
IDrive – Cloud Backup and Storage Services

Every business deserves a shot at enjoying premium features at a subsidized cost. The IDrive business is an online backup solution under which, with a single subscription, you have a whole backup for unlimited computers, external drives, NAS devices, servers, and smartphones.

The better bit of this cloud solution is the fact that it supports so many consoles, that is, Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, Android and iOS smartphones, External hard drives, NAS devices, Windows Server, Linux Server, MS SQL, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange, Oracle Server, Hyper-V, VMWare, to mention a few. Ultimately, all these are additional platforms that you will have to employ at one point or the other in your business life if you are not already engaged with them.

CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Lab - Cloud Backup for Servers and Desktop Computers
CloudBerry Lab – Cloud Backup for Servers and Desktop Computers

The CloudBerry Backup is yet another cloud solution that works great for small and medium-sized businesses, which makes it an excellent solution for a startup company. The CloudBerry Backup also supports so many platforms.

The unique bit about CloudBerry backup is that it allows business owners to choose their own cloud. In this sense, you have a variety to choose from, that is, over 50 different options, ranging from Dropbox to Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2.

Backblaze – Cloud storage and backup service

Backblaze Cloud Storage and Backup with an enterprise-grade storage service with unlimited possibilities, durable and reliable, multi-cloud, and compliance-compatible features.

Backblaze logo

With this plan, the trick to a successful data storage period is how you set your backup plan. Ideally, you can tell it how many versions to keep while crafting a customer versioning policy.

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