8 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Create a Better eCommerce Store for 2024

Shopify apps to increase sales.

With over 6000+ apps to choose from, Shopify, it is a tough decision to pick one that increases sales and creates a better e-commerce store.

We have covered you with the best Shopify apps; from increasing sales and engagement to building customer trust, these best Shopify apps will help your business grow radically.

The cost of Shopify app development may vary depending upon the usage and complexity of the app; however, you can follow the Shopify development cost guide to know more about the development estimation for your business.

Let’s check it out!

Best Shopify Apps 2024

1. Qe Progressive Web App (PWA)

Qe Progressive Web App is an app by QeRetail that helps businesses increase conversions and page visits. By integrating the app into your Shopify store, you will turn your store into a Progressive Web App (PWA). Now, what is PWA?

PWA is the latest advancement in mobile surfing, allowing users to store specific web pages on their devices to function as a standalone app. Using the cart abandonment module, you can re-engage abandoned customers and encourage checkout. Easy PWA is beneficial for your company as well as for customers’ buying experiences.

Benefits of Installing a Qe Progressive Web App

  • Decrease the cost of user acquisition
  • Zero recurring cost
  • All-in-one process, no separate app update process
  • Increase in sessions with an excellent shopping experience


  • Responsive PWA full-screen user experience, regardless of the device screen resolution.
  • Configuration of a Custom Offline Page and a Pop-up Install Message The message on the offline page and the pop-up message during website installation is simple to modify.
  • Admins can change the app’s name, icon, splash background colors, and theme colors as per their branding.
  • Admin can also view the monthly installation and uninstalled count in graph view and location-wise installation data tracking. Also, companies get unlimited free page speed, and PWA score reports from Lighthouse.
  • Complete control over PWA analytics and get complete installation data on iOS and Android.
  • Emails and SMS can be sent utilizing the Klaviyo integration.
  • Abandonment Cart: Alert users through custom email or SMS when their cart has been abandoned.


Starting with a 2-day free trial and then $5/month for a standard plan (prices may vary, you can check out more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Qe Progressive Web App Shopify App Customer Review.
Qe Progressive Web App Shopify App Customer Review.

2. Recently Viewed Items.

Recently Viewed Items, Developed by Qe Retail – a sub-division of Ace Infoway, which is well-known for its expertise in custom Shopify development. Recently viewed items are the app that helps your customers find products they previously visited and prompt them to purchase.

With the help of this app, your customers displaying a recently viewed product list hovering around the pages makes it easier for them to find the product they previously viewed without going back to the navigation menu and finding the product.

The app comes with an easy-to-install extension and is easy to use on your e-commerce store with so many customization features. The app is mobile-friendly and easily adapts to different displays.

This is one of the Shopify must-have apps as it increases sales and engagement, as the app makes it relatively easier for your customers to find the products that they viewed previously and finally purchase them.

Recently Viewed Apps USPs

  • Responsive apps that work on mobile, tablet, and computer screens.
  • Easy-to-use admin panel that enhances your eCommerce store user experience.


  • The app allows customers to make impulse buying by showing the “Recently Viewed Products Section” on the product pages, collections, home page, and cart.
  • You can choose the best placement for the “Recently Viewed Section Slider” with horizontal & vertical options. Also, the section for displaying recently viewed products is not limited to three products; you can show up to six products.
  • You can show any live sales, offers, and discounted prices through badges in the section.
  • You can set the duration of recently viewed products.
  • Ease of manual & auto slider recently viewed products.
  • Customers can click the “Buy Now” button to proceed directly to checkout from the “Recently Viewed Products Section” or add products to their shopping cart without returning to the product page.
  • Use an image carousel feature to display numerous photos for each product in the recently viewed section.
  • Monitor the performance of your recently viewed products section through an analytic dashboard.


Starting with a 7-day free trial and then $2.95/month for the premium plan and $2.46/month if you purchase a yearly plan (prices may vary, you can check out more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Recently Viewed Items Shopify App Customer Review
Recently Viewed Items Shopify App Customer Review

3. Heyday Chat & FAQ Automation

Heyday Chatbot & FAQ automation by Hootsuite is a chatbot solution for automating sales on Shopify with a 14-day free trial.

Heyday pre-written FAQ replies an AI-powered chatbot is built to respond to your customer’s inquiries and generate sales opportunities in chats, in real-time, 24/7.

Heyday integration just takes 10 minutes and allows you to quickly provide product recommendations (present your entire product catalog to the customers in chat), track orders, automate FAQs, and combine all of your customer conversations across channels into a single inbox.

Heyday, work with your customer service team to de-stress online sales by making it simple to transfer more complicated queries to humans.

With Heyday, you can:

  • Instantly respond to up to 80% of FAQ inquiries in multiple languages.
  • Automatically match customers with the appropriate products to increase revenue.
  • Integrate 20+ applications to reach more customers on their preferred channels.
  • Scale your business without difficulty, with limitless seats for your sales and support teams.


Starting with a 14-day free trial and then $49/month for the core app & $499/month for the enterprise app. (prices may vary, you can check out more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Heyday Chatbot and FAQ Automation Shopify App Customer Review.
Heyday Chatbot and FAQ Automation Shopify App Customer Review.

4. Best Currency Converter

Best currency converter by Grizzly Apps SRL helps you to easily add over 160 currencies. You can start marketing globally like a pro and promote purchases from your clients.

The best currency converter automatically translates rates, the prices dynamically transform depending on the location of the customers. This provides a fun and convenient shopping experience for your customers.

The app also helps increase your profits by having your customers buy in their local currency and you reduce customer dissatisfaction and discard of the cart and improve revenue.

Features of Best Currency Converter

  • Works with any theme
  • Supports any currency
  • Auto-select currency based on the customer’s location
  • Beautiful design
  • Price configuration
  • Checkout currency notification


The app has free and elite plans. Elite plans cost you around $9.95/month (prices may vary, you can check out more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Best currency converter Shopify App Customer Review.
Best currency converter Shopify App Customer Review.

5. Sticky Add-to-Cart Booster Pro

Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro by Codeinero, it’s a bar that follows a shopper around to enhance the customer experience with sticky add-to-cart functionality. As the customer scrolls down the page in search of new products to add to the cart, the cart icon follows them.

A floating bar appears either as users begin to scroll or swipe down or as users move their cursor beyond the Add To Cart button. Your customers can rapidly add a product to the cart by clicking the Buy button on the bar rather than returning to the original Add To Cart button.

You can also bring customers straight to checkout by activating the skip to checkout (1-click checkout) function.


  • Sticky Cart for reducing abandoned cart rates.
  • Attention-grabbing animation buttons
  • Quick buy button for adding to cart related products & products listed on non-product pages.
  • Automatically inherit your brand style with no designers needed.
  • Skip to the checkout feature.
  • The app automatically integrates with existing Pinterest, Facebook & Google Analytics tags.
  • Custom seasonal themes.


Starting with a 14-day free trial and then $8.99/month for a basic plan, they have four different plans you can check out here (prices may vary, you can check more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Sticky Add-to-Cart Booster Pro Shopify App Customer Review.
Sticky Add-to-Cart Booster Pro Shopify App Customer Review.

6. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought-together is an app developed by Code Black Belt. The app allows your customers to buy related products with one single click, increasing the order value and business revenue.

Frequently bought-together apps are unbeatable because of their AI algorithm which has been continuously trained for years.

The app uses data mining methods to assess prior orders stored in your store’s database accurately. By doing this, it can free up a memory graph containing products that are often put into the cart together.


  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Multiple recommendation algorithms
  • Bundle discount upsell


Starting with a 30-day free trial and then $9.99/month for a standard plan (prices may vary, you can check out more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Frequently bought together Shopify App Customer Review.
Frequently bought together Shopify App Customer Review.

7. Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

Yotpo loyalty rewards (formerly Swell Rewards) is an app by Yotpo- L&R that helps brands and companies maximize lifetime value and build customized on-brand loyalty programs to encourage repeat purchases, referrals, social engagement, and more.

Yotpo gives you the power to increase sales from your current customer base. Businesses can enhance customer engagement and loyalty through points and rewards to encourage repeat orders.

Benefits of installing Yotpo loyalty, rewards, and referrals:

  • You can choose from 14 rewards campaigns, including points for purchase, creating an account, social follow, goal spending, and more.
  • Create a powerful & customizable referral program
  • Choose from multiple points redemption options
  • Use an out-of-the-box rewards popup


  • Recharge and email integration
  • Increase lifetime value by rewarding loyal customers with points for valuable actions.
  • Build a referral program- offer points & discounts to encourage customers to spread the word.
  • Increase engagement with VIP levels so that customers can benefit from their spending and referrals.
  • You can integrate your email service provider.
  • To enhance upfront cash flow and optimize lifetime value, create a paid membership similar to Amazon Prime and provide unique member advantages.
  • Checkout redemption option for Shopify Plus merchants that let customers redeem points at checkout.


Free to install. $29/month for the silver plan and $249/month for the gold plan (prices may vary, you can check out more details on Shopify Store).

Customer Review:

Yotpo loyalty rewards Shopify App Customer Review.
Yotpo loyalty rewards Shopify App Customer Review.

8. SF Product Recommendations by WebToffee

The Product Recommendation app for Shopify is an excellent tool for creating multiple recommendation widgets in one place, such as related products, best sellers, new arrivals, and recently viewed products. The great thing is that you have the ability to customize the product recommendations based on your audience’s preferences. You can display the generated recommendation widget on a specific store page. 

Additionally, the app includes an analytics dashboard that makes it easy for you to track your campaign’s performance. Using the smart product recommendation settings you can easily launch any recommendation widgets in a minute and boost your store sales. 

Benefits of installing SF Product Recommendations by WebToffee:

  • Streamline product discovery and increase customer engagement
  • Encourage shoppers to purchase more products on the Shopify store
  • Provide a personalized and relevant shopping experience for customers

Key features of this plugin:

  • Create different product recommendation campaigns.
  • Customize the recommendation widget layout vividly.
  • Display a recommendation widget on the specific store page.
  • Make custom product recommendation that suits your audience.
  • Use smart recommendation settings to show specific products on widgets.


StoreFrog offers a free plan on the Shopify App Store. The paid subscription starts from $10/month.


So, there you go! We conclude our top Shopify apps list that increase sales and engagement in 2024. Integrating these apps is the best way to improve your eCommerce store’s functioning in a more structured and user-friendly way.

These applications will undoubtedly assist you in increasing sales, retaining customers, and improving your online presence. Give it a try!

We at Ace Infoway provide you with the best Shopify custom development services that can assist you in creating stunning Shopify stores. So, don’t delay any longer and start growing your Shopify sales and engagement with Ace Infoway!

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