Importance of Customer Experience for eCommerce Website

eCommerce website customer experience or customer review

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

Doug Warner

In order to keep an online store experience an ongoing success, an enormous e-commerce strategy is very important.

It is a strategy that can either lead your business towards new heights and attaining your goals or getting your business down to square one.

Technology keeps on evolving and newer platforms keep on landing, which makes it mandatory for online store owners to keep evolving in their services.

These days, while developing their website, store owners focus on design and product as per customer expectation, but sometimes they miss out on customer’s buying experience. This is why customer experience has become such a great deal recently.

SEO and PPC aren’t enough these days; everybody does that. In order to stand out, you need to be highly focused on your customers.

Customer Experience – The Definition

Simply said, customer experience involves how a customer interacts with an online store and the emotions that it invokes. Basically, the output of interaction that occurs between the customer and your online store can be defined as customer experience (CX).

The goal behind hyper-focused customer experience and offering impeccable shopping experience is to build brand awareness. Always remember, if a customer has an appealing shopping experience and will feel like you’ve valued them, he will surely refer your store to someone else as well. If he feels special for the first time, he is undoubtedly making a second visit to your store.

Similarly, a bad experience also matters a lot to the customers. People always share their bad experiences with their family and friends. Bringing in new customers is still easy with digital marketing processes like SEO and PPC, but keeping those customers visit again and again is something terrible customer experience won’t let you do it.

In order to really make an impactful business from their online store, the businesses must think beyond the seller’s perspective and keep the focus on fulfilling customer’s expectations.

84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue – A report mentioned.

Let us dive deep into considering why is Customer Experience is important for an online store:

Gain Customer Trust & Conversions

A pleasant customer experience is something your customer is going to remember forever. But despite offering products with the finest quality, no sales can move forward if your customer is not delighted or does not trust your service.

On both online and offline channels, customer satisfaction is a must-have for any store. When your store offers personalized discounts and easy return policy, it helps to garner customer’s trust, which further turns into repeat purchase.

A customer that trusts your store is more likely to make a purchase from your store rather than purchasing it from your competitors. Good customer experience can develop a life-cycle of feedback and product offerings, resulting in increased conversion rates.

To all the prospects, your store must consider offering value through campaigns and interactions. This can help you convert them and build long-term relationships.

Improvise Transparency of the Brand

An online store that offers personalization on various processes like payment, shipping, product recommendations in order to develop better customer experience represents a transparent & reliable brand. When any brand seems to offer transparency in the brand, it gains customer loyalty.

This type of brand image simplifies the complexity of decision making in the customer’s mind. A reliable brand makes it better for the customers to focus on finding great products rather than researching the trust of the store.

Encourage Customers to Refer

Word of mouth marketing isn’t a new concept but surely is highly effective till date. In fact, social media and various digital mediums have made it even more powerful. When a customer feels valued by the store, they tend to prefer it to everyone they know.

Most of the time, it is not the discounts that drive more customers to your store. Rather, customers are impressed by the faster and simpler store that lets them complete the shopping with a smooth and seamless experience.

These minute factors are the ones that make them re-visit your store and motivate them to engage in purchasing products from your store. There are various companies already utilizing the power of social media and other digital mediums. What are you waiting for?

Always remember, “Delighted customers are the best brand promoters.”

Enhanced Customer Engagement

When customers trust your store, they tend to be encouraged in more interactions and are more interested in building mutually beneficial relationships. Your value-added prepositions through emails and social media might be everything they need to stick on your store and keep on browsing through your catalog.

Through these interactions, your store can make the customers comfortable to share their needs with the store. A chatbot can be the best way to develop interactions with your customers and make them share their requirements. This information can help the owners to offer better product recommendations and personalized discounts.

Lower Cost of Marketing and Sales

Gone are the days when you randomly send emails to the customers about offers and not have any clue about what they are looking for. When you have customer experience in mind while delivering your solutions, you can understand your customers well.

This saves your store from marketing costs occurring while guessing what customers want and planning campaigns around it. With Customer Experience focused on your online store, you can develop marketing campaigns based on their behavior on your store.

Utilizing the practice to collect data about their interests and turning them into useful information can help you lower costs, increase sales, and can altogether experience customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Your brand might define its promise and can come to go through with that, but it is a customer that decides whether you delivered it or not. Offering unparalleled customer experience is a prime duty of the store owners. Never take such an important factor for granted as it is the way through which your store creates brand loyalty.

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