9 Birthday Gifts Your Husband Is Secretly Expecting From You

There’s so much you share with your husband, each day of your life, every minute of your day. He accepts you with all your virtues and vices and never complains if you fail at something expected from you. He rather supports you and sticks by your side.

Therefore, there are certain things you should do without being explicitly told by him. He might not say it in words but there are certain acts of love that will definitely strum the chords of his heart. How about coming up with birthday surprise ideas for him and making his special day super special?

Mentioned below are

9 amazing surprise ideas for your husband’s birthday

that he might not ever ask you for but will definitely love to receive. Take the guide:

1. Tickets To His Favourite Game

If he has a dream of watching his favourite team play live, gift him tickets to that game and there could be no better time than his birthday to give him this surprise. Amidst cheering and thunderous claps, he will definitely enjoy his birthday to the fullest.

2. Gentleman’s Accessory Set

Help him turn up his gentleman game by gifting him a suit accessory set which usually consists of tie, cufflink, pocket square, socks, lapel pin and tie clip set. Every time he puts them on and walks through the crowd with everyone noticing him, he will thank you.

3. Jewellery Gift Voucher

Who said men aren’t fond of jewellery! Although they don’t have as much variety as women do but they definitely have some class-apart pieces that level up their appearance. Bracelet, locket, chains, cufflinks, diamond ring, ear studs are to name a few. You may give him a gift voucher of a particular store and have him choose his favorite piece on his own.

4. Gym Equipment

There’s no man on Earth who hasn’t pledged of going to the gym and getting fitter. But it’s no surprise that sticking to that disciplined routine is hard. Bring the gym home and make his routine easy by getting his favourite equipment on his birthday.

5. Scrapbook Of Conversations

There must be countless times when you both had funny, romantic or cheesy conversations. Take a screenshot of those conversations and put their print-outs in a scrapbook for a sweet collage. Many forgotten conversations will come back to memory. The older the conversation is, the better.

6. Birthday Dessert

If you are planning to make the surprise sweeter, plan a unique cake for husband’s birthday which could be photo cake, tier cake, musical cake and the similar in his favourite flavor. You can also opt for cupcakes, ice cream cakes and so forth.

7. Custom T-Shirt/Hoodie

Make your birthday gift for your husband more personal by getting a T-shirt or hoodie customized with a fun message or his favourite quote. He will love to show off his personal style with the customized T-shirt.

8. Backpack

Men love to travel. A nice and stylish backpack will work wonders and will be an out and out amazing birthday gift for husband. Find a functional bag keeping his personal needs in mind, say a messenger bag, a carry-all bag etc.

9. Personalized Bracelet

Gift your husband a bracelet with his name embossed on it. This personalized gift will always be treasured and your husband will love to flaunt your love wherever he goes. This can also fit as a gift for not just his birthday but for your anniversary too.

Express your heartfelt sentiments with these thoughtful birthday gifts for husband and he is sure to feel elated with your sweet surprise.

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